Innovations in OS | OPPO launches ColorOS 7 in India


Building on its legacy as a leading technology innovator, OPPO India today launched the next-generation of its smartphone operating system – ColorOS 7. Based on the latest Android 10, ColorOS 7 is OPPO’s largest OS update plan to date and will cover over 20 OPPO products including Reno, Find, F, K, and A-series models.

With a new slogan of ‘Smooth and Delightful’, the OS comes with a new Infinite Design concept featuring minimalist aesthetics and fresh visuals to delight users with a smooth user experience. It also boasts of a series of smart solutions including unique localized features to provide a rich and seamless experience specific to Indian users.

OPPO is the first smartphone brand to integrate Digilocker service into ColorOS 7 and has come up with a localised feature called ‘DocVault’. OPPO aims to disrupt the reach of Digilocker services through its smartphones and bring the ease and convenience of paperless governance to its more than 45 million users in India.

“At OPPO, we strive to deliver our consumers with features and services that enhance their overall experience. With ColorOS 7, we have focussed on delivering not only a smooth and delightful experience but also on providing localized solutions specific to Indian users such as DocVault in association with the Government of India, said Tasleem Arif, Vice President and Head of R&D of OPPO.”

Since its launch in 2013, ColorOS has become one of the most widely-used Android-based mobile operating systems in the world. ColorOS is now used by more than 300 million users, supporting 80 languages and more than 140 countries and regions around the globe. India’s R&D center played a key role in the globalization of the ColorOS in the overseas market. Based in Hyderabad, OPPO’s R&D center in India has more than 250 team members, who focus not only on localizing features but also assist the global team to create globalized features.

Simple and lightweight, Infinite Design refreshes the user experience

With Infinite Design, ColorOS 7 has adopted a lightweight visual approach that simplifies the user interface, helping users focus more on their content. Besides full icon customization, Dark Mode provides a superior reading experience in all-day conditions, helping users concentrate more and reducing battery consumption.

“The new ColorOS 7 is the perfect continuation of OPPO’s signature brand identity,” said Eddie Opara, a partner at Pentagram, the world-renowned design agency that collaborated with OPPO on its new brand and visual identity. “From the sounds and visuals to the user experience and emotional engagement, every aspect demonstrates OPPO’s ethereal, fluid, and smart brand aesthetic.”

Even greater user-centric interactions and sound upgrade

ColorOS 7 opens up more intuitive interactions. The new weather-adaptive alarm automatically adjusts alarm sounds to weather. In addition to the new Artist Wallpaper Project, users can now enjoy a vibrant range of dynamic wallpapers change with time or interact with a swipe. These live papers include ones that are dedicated to iconic Indian monuments, not only capturing their stunning beauty but emphasizing ColorOS’ global vision, to be a “window to the world”.

Meanwhile, an upgraded haptic design helps deliver clearer, crisper touch response sounds and a more realistic touch experience. There are also sharp, new animations for charging, weather, and deleting apps. Moreover, ColorOS collaborated with Denmark’s audio design company Epic Sound to upgrade the overall sound system. Inspired by nature, the new sound effects provide a more comfortable listening experience, not just for system controls, but ringtones, notifications and beyond.

Faster and smoother than ever

Driven by its UI-First concept, ColorOS developed oFas, oMem, and oSense to ensure a smooth and fast experience that users can feel. oFas is a mechanism of cache preload, which makes the cold start as fast as the warm start, meaning apps can now open and start faster. Meanwhile, oMem adapts to user habits, shifting and allocating system resources accordingly and efficiently.

Through this technology, we can boost the utilization of the RAM by 40%. With multiple apps running, we are also able to increase the system response by 30%. Also, with the enhancement by oSense – a scheduling mechanism that gives priority to front-end and user-related threads, it optimizes touch response and frame rates, gaming is smoother than ever. When playing an intense battle game, the touch response has been improved by 21.6% and the frame rate by 38%.

Strengthened privacy protection

OPPO knows that privacy protection is more important than ever, and strives to secure user data. Personal information protection protects user information from third-party apps. Private Safe transfers photos, videos, audio, and other documents to a secure “zone” in the storage folder, blocking access by other apps.


OPPO’s largest update to date, ColorOS 7 will be rolled out across the regions of China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. Starting from November 26th, users there will be able to experience the trial version.