Innovations and Disruptions: Startups Joining Telia, Capgemini’s coach and mentoring program


Information Experience, Nodified and Vyer. These are the startups accepted to Telia and Capgemini’s Coach Your Business Program for 2018.

For the second year in a row, Telia is running the Coach Your Business program to help startups take the next step in developing their business.

Out of a large number of applications, three companies made the final cut: Information Experience, designing 3D solutions for the construction industry, Nodified, exploring a solution for enabling communication without cellular network or wifi, and Vyer, developing software for Building Information Modeling for facility management.

Ivo Kukavica, Innovation Catalyst, Telia Company Division X, says: “We received many great applications so it was not an easy choice. But these three startups have a very good fit with the program’s focus, setup and the expertise that Telia and Capgemini can assist them with. I really want to thank all companies that applied and showed interest in the program.”

Why is Telia running a coach and mentoring program for startups?
“We have a responsibility and the pleasure to be present, engage and interact with our unique startup community. With the program we want to walk the talk and give something back. By supporting these companies we can hopefully help them take the next step in their development and in return we get an injection of inspiration, ideas and energy into our organization,” says Kukavica.

Malcolm Clapson, Enterprise Architect within Innovation and Digital Transformation with CapGemini, says: “We are really pleased to join this year’s program and have seen great interest across our organization to support these teams with our expertise and deep knowledge”.

“We are really happy to have been part of the program”
During a period of 6-12 months, the three startups will be coached and mentored by experts from Telia and Capgemini. The program is shaped to fit each company’s specific needs. Sessions and topics include innovation, user experience, technology, cyber security, sales and marketing.

Jonas Cermann, co-founder of Stagecast, took part in last year’s program: “We are really happy to have been part of the program. Not only did we get the opportunity to meet a number of different mentors on all levels at Telia, but they also opened up other doors and opportunities in their market through their various partners and networks that has helped us in our development. We are looking forward to continue the collaboration that we have established with Telia and the mentors in the future.”

The start-ups

Information Experience develops solutions that bring 3D models to construction and work sites using Augmented Reality. Using their cloud services and apps, customers can bring existing 3D content to VR and AR, convert it to 4D work instructions and more.

Nodified wants to enable cheap and easily-accessible communication at places suffering from deficient telecom infrastructure or congested cellular networks. Thanks to a disruptive technology they provide their customers with a seamless communication solution that can be adjusted after their specific needs.

Vyer develops software for Building Information Modeling (BIM) specifically adapted for modern facility management. The Vyer platform helps generate and manage digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of real estate.