Innovation Showcase: La French Tech Joins InnoVEX 2017


COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the global ICT show with a complete supply chain, IoT and startup ecosystems, will be held between May 30 and June 3, featuring the following themes: AI & Robotics, IoT Applications, Innovations & Startups, Business Solutions, and Gaming & VR.

More than 1,600 companies from around the world will roll out their latest products and technologies at COMPUTEX using 5,010 booths where all aspects of the global high-tech ecosystem are showcased.

According to COMPUTEX co-organizer, TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council), the show is making the InnoVEX exhibit a perfect platform especially for ICT & IoT innovators. Show stat indicates 244 startups from over 20 countries have already signed up to showcase their latest innovative products and services.

This year, La French Tech will showcase amazing innovations from startups of the French Tech hub. Last year, there were only 3 companies along with French National Pavilion. This year, La French Tech has expanded to 12 startups displaying! That’s 4 times the exhibition size. They’ll cover many different facets such as: IoT, sound experience, VR enhancing, new touch feelings, cloud solutions and connectivity.

The 12 startup companies are:

Company: Devialet

In a building conceived by Gustave Eiffel and located in the heart of Paris, the best 90 acoustical, mechanical, electronics, computer and signal processing engineers work to invent the sound technologies of the future.

Their motto: excellence, innovation and constant challenge. In 2016, fascinated by the huge growth potential of Devialet and the quality of its future revolutionary products, prestigious investors such as Foxconn, Groupe Renault, Sharp, Korelya Capital, Bernard Arnault(LVMH), Xavier Niel (Free) and Jay-Z joined Devialet’s adventure. They gave Devialet the resources to grow and take over the world audio market.

Company: Wistiki

Wistiki partnered with renowned designer Philippe Starck (known for, among many other things, designing Steve Jobs’s personal yacht) to make three uniquely shaped connected accessories. Being part of the French Tech initiative, Wistiki is dedicated to offer 100% made in France products that help people find their lost items from their smartphone. Once you’ve attached the device to the physical object of your choosing, connect it to your smartphone using the free Wistiki app to make the device ring, and to help you find it.

Company: Digitsole

DIGITSOLE is a global provider of connected footwear. We integrate electronics and energy into footwear to offer consumers more functions to bring significant comfort and well-being. Digitsole creates smart footwear for daily uses.

This completely modifies the market standards. Digitsole is not an Evolution, it’s a Revolution! In January 2016, Digitole presents the first generation of Smarshoe and it becomes one of the biggest buzz at the CES International in Las Vegas 2016.

Company: Scalable Graphics

VR Link, the new solution of Scalable Graphics frees your VR gaming experience from the constraints of tethers. Without the constraints of tethers, move without limits and fully enjoy your Virtual Reality experience. The system is 100% compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, without any hardware modification or loss of warranty.

The latency is imperceptible like a native performance for a pure VR gaming experience. Setting up is fast and easy. VR Link is a solution designed by VR experts for the consumer market. The low weight (around 1 pound) and the limited size are designed to provide the maximal autonomy without disturbing your movements. Scalable Graphics is a software company specialized in high performance computing and visualization.

Company: Hap2U

Imagine your touchscreen could provide your finger-tips the feel of actual objects? This is a touchscreen technology using ultrasonic vibration and friction modulations to provide texture touch sensations in haptic feedback. Hap2U develops an unique patented haptic technology, to integrate to all touch screens and interfaces.

This solution is purely mechanical, it create finger force and touch texture with the same technology. This technology is based on ultrasonic vibration generated thanks to piezoelectrical actuators. The vibration sent on the glass screen modify the human finger’s friction against the glass. We synchronize the vibration with the position of the finger, enabling the user to feel texture and to use finger force. With no added latency in delivering the haptic signal, hap2u technology responds in real time.

Company: A-Volute

Created by two engineering students in Lille, Tuyen Pham and Ambroise Recht, A-Volute has expanded their unique products to the point of innovation thanks to their expertise in acoustics and audio software developement. Pioneer in 3D sound software, they created Nahimic which makes it possible to recreate all of the spatiality of sound on a classic stereo listening system.

Launched in March 2015 and in partnership with the brand MSI, Nahimic was created by the company A-Volute, provider of technology that improves audio and sound spatialisation in 3 dimensions, A-Volute draws upon their own technology and expertise to provide a natural, immersive, and high-quality sound.

Company: Sigfox / Unabiz

Sigfox has reinvented connectivity for the IoT. It drastically brings down cost and energy consumption required for securely connecting physical devices to the Cloud. Sigfox is rolling out the first global IoT network to listen to billions of objects broadcasting data, without the need to establish and maintain network connections.

This unique approach in the world of wireless connectivity, where there is no signaling overhead, a compact and optimized protocol, and where objects are not attached to the network. Founded in 2016, UnaBiz is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company dedicated to accelerate the adoption of IoT worldwide. As the exclusive network operator of Sigfox’s low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) in Singapore and Taiwan, /

Company: Botpartner

The main idea behind CoT (Conversation of Thing) is to communicate with objects. You can control the internet of appliances by simply talking to communication software.

Besides, with AI growing rapidly, many developers realize the importance of the form in order to demonstrate and hope that bot, communication audience, can have more affinity.

Company: Bell & Wyson

BELL & WYSON designs low energy, innovating, nice and useful connected devices. BELL & WYSON keeps in mind that a good connected device has to be used on a daily basis. This is why BELL & WYSON has based its strategy on LED bulbs with additional features efficient and valuable for their users.

Collaborating with “THOMAS DE LUSSAC” Design Agency, Bell & Wyson creates State-of-the-art Wifi lightbulbs with unique smoke detection function able to warn home-owners of any fire incidents. The lightbulbs integrate also other functions like camera, and smart connectivity to control with your smartphone.

Company: Witékio

Witekio is an embedded software expert with a system level approach, engineering and integrating intelligent systems software for any device from the hardware to the cloud. We bring expertise on both low (OS, driver, firmware) and high level software (application, connectivity, cloud) associated with a usage knowledge on specific markets that allows the best choices in technologies and architecture for the best performance and security. Witekio provides custom services for software development, integration, design, support, and training for any kind of embedded or smart connected device. We provide expertise, methods and engineering teams for flexible, scalable, efficient and mature system software integration.

Company: Envor Technologie

ENVOR Tech is a game changer in data storage. Envor offers a proprietary technology based on Erasure Coding to prevent the data loss. It’s easy-to-operate and standard compatible products. The technology is developed by a core team of PhD & entrepreneurs able to carry on agile algorithm development, system integration & business development. Digitalization must not be an ecological plague. That’s why ENVOR optimizes your data protection. Adopt ENVOR protection, and double your storage capacity at equal infrastructure and increased safety. Change from data replication to ENVOR liberates on average 50% of storage capacity. And when required, we can go over the common data protection solutions that protect up to 2 or 3 simultaneous failures. You already did it with erasure coding? Just considerate ENVOR encoding & recovery speeds are from 3 to 7 fold higher.