Inmarsat welcomes Netherlands 3.5ghz Advisory Committee report

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Commenting on the report to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate from the Advisory Committee on 3.5GHz Communications Jason Smith, Inmarsat Chief Operating Officer, said:

“Inmarsat is pleased to read the recommendations from the Advisory Committee to the Ministry on the National Frequency Plan and the focus on the necessary protection of essential safety services provided via satellite by the company from Burum in Friesland. Throughout this process Inmarsat has sought to protect these essential safety services, on which millions of people rely every day, while offering a practical way forward to enable 5G mobile telecommunications in the Netherlands to begin quickly. Inmarsat congratulates the Advisory Committee on finding a resolution to this issue that is supported by all stakeholders. The company will engage with the Ministry on how to proceed following the Advisory Committee’s advice.


“The recommendations from the Advisory Committee focus on the protection of all Inmarsat’s safety services, for maritime and aviation users, and confirm that there are no other methods of providing these services at the present time. Therefore, the Advisory Committee has proposed measures to ensure the continuity of these essential services until a new location has been secured and is operational.

“Inmarsat will continue to operate in the current spectrum from Burum before moving operations – but not people – to a new location outside the Netherlands once a licence elsewhere is confirmed. Inmarsat is working with the authorities in Greece to secure a licence to operate there.

“Finally, Inmarsat thanks the Advisory Committee for its diligent work and its efforts to engage with all stakeholders as it conducted its review. The company is also grateful to its own team and external advisors who have worked hard to provide the required information to the Advisory Committee and to the Ministry which has enabled a position to be reached where the essential safety services provide by Inmarsat are secured.”