How Inmarsat is Scripting Revolution in In-Flight Connectivity

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By Zia Askari in Singapore |

As more and more customers look for connectivity while on broad a flight – the airline industry is on its way to fulfill this need. Inmarsat is a well entrenched international provider of mobile satellite communications services and the company is positioning its unique solution – GX for Aviation – that can revolutionise in-flight connectivity for the airline industry.

While showcasing its latest innovations at CommunicAsia in Singapore, Todd McDonell, Vice President, Global Government Solutions, Inmarsat, explained that in-flight connectivity is getting increasingly important for the airline industry.

“Usually when we get on an international travel, a plane becomes the last place where one gets connectivity – but increasingly now – it will become the first place where you get connectivity. Airlines across the world are now paying a great deal of attention in getting connectivity for their passengers on their planes,” he added.

More importantly, the Airlines are now focusing on providing high-speed data connectivity inside their cockpits as well. “Airlines are now looking at providing high-speed data connectivity inside cockpits that can help pilots with information on weather and exact flight planning and so on. So we have launched a global express network, very much aimed at providing high speed connectivity to airlines and that’s just being rolled out now, so Lufthansa is the airline which is rolling this out. There are other airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Air Newzealand etc which are also implementing this,” he explained.

Global in-flight connectivity solution can allow passengers to browse the internet, stream videos, check social media and much more – while in a plane. Inmarsat is positioning its next generation in-flight broadband service, GX for Aviation to enable connectivity inside planes.

GX for Aviation is touted as the world’s first in-flight connectivity solution with reliable, seamless high-speed global coverage provided through a single operator.

It allows airline passengers to browse the internet, stream videos, check social media and more during flights, with an onboard connectivity experience on par with broadband services available on the ground.

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