Infovista Unveils VistaInsight Multi-Vendor Service Assurance Solution for the SD-WAN Edge

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Infovista, the enabler in service assurance solutions, has announced support for multi-vendor SD-WAN networks through its VistaInsight Service Assurance solution at the MEF19 conference in Los Angeles.

As part of the participation to this event, the company is showcasing its solution and a proof of concept as part of a multi-vendor solution demonstrating overlay/underlay performance visibility and correlation.

VistaInsight SD-WAN Service Assurance builds on Infovista’s expertise in providing deep performance insights to help service providers to scale and effectively monetize virtualized network services.

It also leverages Infovista’s expertise and experience as a leading SD-WAN vendor. Available immediately, VistaInsight Service Assurance is the industry’s first system for hybrid multi-vendor SD-WAN networks that is already selected by a Tier 1 service provider.

VistaInsight provides a number of benefits to service providers including:

Increase in revenue by assuring SD-WAN services for monetization of assured virtualized services
Reduction in complexity of multi-vendor SD-WAN networks by managing the overlay and underlay performance in a single pane of glass
Increase in operational efficiency by monitoring SD-WAN networks in real-time
Faster Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by rapid troubleshooting and triage of services
Differentiation of service provider SD-WAN services by enabling customers or managed service teams to access a web-portal for end-to-end performance and SLAs of SD-WAN overlay and underlay connectivity services

“In a multi-network world, you need a multi-vendor Service Assurance system. With increased multi-vendor and multi-domain complexity of hybrid edge networks for both MPLS and SD-WAN, it is critical that performance of the MPLS underlay and SD-WAN overlay be correlated to minimize SLA impact per site and maximize revenue,” said Infovista EVP of Global Networks Andy Asava. “Our SD-WAN Service Assurance solution assures the SD-WAN edge network, providing performance visibility and reporting for end customers.”

Assuring intelligence for the SD-WAN edge

As SD-WAN rolls out across service provider and enterprise networks, the need to support multiple SD-WAN vendors while managing existing MPLS network quality is critical. Correlating SD-WAN overlay with the supporting underlay infrastructure can yield important data for assuring an end to end SD-WAN service in a complex MPLS/SD-WAN environment.

Service providers need to meet key performance requirements for the SD-WAN network and provide visibility and reporting data to demanding end customers, driving intelligence to the edge.

Anil Rao, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason calls VistaInsight “an exciting offering for SD-WAN edge service assurance, focused on correlating underlay and overlay performances in hybrid WAN networks.” According to Rao, “VistaInsight gives companies the single pane of glass view that many service providers desire when they have a mix of underlay infrastructure and multi-vendor SD-WAN overlays.”

From Nov. 18-22, Infovista is attending MEF19, a conference that focuses on accelerating the industry transition to dynamic, assured and certified services across a global federation of automated networks.

MEF19 is the global event showcasing network services for the digital economy, where transformation leaders converge and innovate.

MEF19 focuses on accelerating the industry transition to dynamic, assured, and certified services across a global federation of automated networks. Emerging cloud-centric “MEF 3.0” services provide an on-demand experience with user- and application-directed control over network resources and service capabilities.

These services are orchestrated across automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks powered by LSO, SDN, and NFV.

MEF19’s action-oriented program will help service providers on their journey to transform their businesses, services, and networks; federate on a global basis; and certify that their services perform at the highest levels.

MEF19 has a target audience exceeding 1,000 professionals from 270+ organizations and 35+ countries. MEF19’s content, networking, and special activities are designed to appeal to executives and other senior experts from communication and cloud service providers; enterprises; government organizations; network technology suppliers; systems integrators, open source projects, standards organizations; industry and financial analysts; investors; the press; and others.