Infovista Unveils Automated SSV Solution

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Infovista, the global enabler in network lifecycle automation (NLA), has announced Automated Single Site Verification (SSV) to automate 5G cell site validation, saving time and cost for mobile operators deploying and testing new and existing multi-site 5G networks.

The new automated 5G network testing solution reduces testing time and errors by only testing and collecting required service-specific testing KPIs. Automated SSV enables automatic sweet spot selection by not only predicting where to drive and what tests to perform, but also which hot spots and critical areas should be tested and then autonomously conducting the network testing routine. This automation of network testing processes removes trial and error and significantly reduces the time to market of 5G.

Infovista’s cloud-based Automated SSV solution directs lay people using commercially available smartphones to conduct tests in the field, leaving valuable engineering expertise free to focus on high value network optimization tasks. Site testing routines and criteria are defined at the backend and key measurements are autonomously evaluated against pre-defined thresholds rather than manually by a field engineer. This reduces errors in data collection and accelerates the time to Definition of Done status in network-wide testing processes.

“Legacy testing processes simply aren’t fit for purpose when it comes to 5G networks; their complexity, magnified by the environments in which they are being deployed, are making multi-site testing a costly and time intensive overhead. Automating testing routines to identify where testing needs to be done is a gamechanger for operators who are racing to deploy new 5G sites, while continuing to optimize and expand existing network coverage,” said Jaana Tengman, Director of Product Management, Network Testing at Infovista. “Operators can’t afford for their RF engineers to be driving round the country validating new cell sites; they need them working on core engineering tasks such as RF optimization. Automated SSV makes the network testing process quicker and more accurate, so that the cloud rather than your valuable but finite engineering resource is doing the legwork.”

Automated SSV uses planning data to predict sweet spots for 5G site acceptance. The use of network planning and testing data to inform and improve the network lifecycle processes is at the heart of network lifecyle automation (NLA).

Infovista’s TEMS network testing portfolio enables network optimization of quality and application performance by measuring and benchmarking end user experience. For network operators and regulators, TEMS delivers the ability to walk test, drive test, and dynamically analyze service performance under real-life conditions—indoors, outdoors, and around the clock.

Infovista will demonstrate Automated SSV at MWC Barcelona. At the event, Infovista will showcase innovative applications from the company that operators and enterprises to quickly and proactively plan, test, assure and monetize their 5G networks, services and end-user experiences.