InfoVista, Cato Networks Debut Application Aware Managed SD-WAN for Enterprises

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InfoVista, a provider of application performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative digital enterprise, and Cato Networks, jointly announce at the SD-WAN Summit in Paris, the availability of an integrated SD-WAN gateway solution for enterprises.

The solution delivers a global, secure, application-aware network, optimized for the cloud and backed by best-in-class SLAs.

In today’s agile digital business environment, enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud services, accessed via the Internet, to reduce costs and to obtain greater flexibility in capacity demand. At the same time, many also need classic MPLS connections for site-to-site connectivity and maintain key applications in their own datacenters.

This growing diversity of applications creates increasing strain on legacy networks to deliver the optimal user experience for all applications. Businesses need the ability to securely manage both Internet cloud migration and other WAN assets cost effectively, so that they can deliver the application performance their users and customers demand.

This new solution addresses the problem by providing a cost effective but more capable and agile network that offers enhanced security and application awareness tuned to business priorities and agility. In addition, the solution is enabled through the combination of InfoVista’s Ipanema Application Aware SD-WAN and Cato Cloud network service.

It delivers globally orchestrated, application-aware SD-WAN together with centralized management of large scale networks and powerful, cloud-based security. This ensures that mission-critical applications can be securely delivered globally with optimal performance based on business objectives across any WAN infrastructure, while reducing costs.

Ipanema’s Dynamic WAN Selection (DWS) and Application Control Quality of Service (QoS) features allow each site in the network to select the right transport for each application on a per session basis. Internet-based applications are directed to the Cato Cloud via secure gateway connections by the Ipanema appliance, providing full cloud-based security.

The Cato Cloud can also extend this functionality to mobile users, delivering secure and optimized performance to meet the needs of the agile workplace. The global connectivity offered can augment existing MPLS networks with secure cloud access, while enabling hybrid WAN connections, and offers an evolution path to secure, full-Internet connectivity in the future.

“Combining Ipanema’s unique application performance control capabilities for SD-WAN with Cato’s cloud-based features, allows each enterprise to determine its unique business priorities for applications for each user. This drives transformation to full Internet connectivity with hybrid options to maximize choice,” commented Sylvain Quartier, SVP Product Strategy Enterprises, InfoVista. “It reduces costs, helping more enterprises to leverage the Internet to enhance agility, and offers more robust capabilities for real-time, per session control and cloud access. The solution is now available for leading enterprises globally, through the channel ecosystem.”

“Cato seamlessly extends the value of InfoVista’s SD-WAN solution, which optimizes mission critical application performance, to include global MPLS replacement, branch security appliance elimination, and optimized access for mobile users and cloud resources,” said Alon Alter, VP Business Operations, Cato Networks. “Cato’s unique SLA-backed global backbone with built-in network security combined with InfoVista’s Ipanema enables enterprises to dramatically reduce the cost, complexity and risk in their enterprise networks.”