Infobip Partners with PM Ljubljana, 01 Content to Enrich Brand Communications


Global cloud communications platform Infobip has partnered with digital agencies PM Ljubljana and 01 Content & Technology Zagreb, both members of the leading European content marketing network C3 Creative Code and Content.

The aim of the partnership is to take customer-centric communication to the next level via a strong network of brands across Adriatic Region and Europe.

The partnership has been agreed between Infobip and the C3 Adriatic network agencies, where multidisciplinary teams combine expertise in technology and human-centered brand communication.

It will enable the agencies to deliver personalized, relevant content across the entire customer journey through Infobip’s communications platform, including its chatbot building platform Answers; contact center solution Conversations, and new customer engagement hub – Moments. The aim is to increase customer satisfaction by ensuring brands are communicating through the right channel, at the right moment with the right message.

Infobip Strategic Accounts and Partnerships Manager Aleksandar Daić comments: “Digital communication agencies are the front line of customer engagement when it comes to providing clients with a superb user experience. Our partnership with the C3 Adriatic will help brands across Europe deliver solutions that don’t just improve customer experience but have a positive impact on brand loyalty and therefore a businesses’ bottom line.”

Emphasizing the importance of emerging technologies and omnichannel engagement, Karsten Krämer, member of the Board C3 GmbH, says: “We make brands a relevant part of customers’ lives. Over 700 employees develop and implement content marketing solutions with measurable impact. C3 combines creativity, content and technology, uniting all aspects of cutting-edge marketing under one roof. We are enthusiastic about this partnership of our Adriatic network agencies with Infobip to increase customer engagement.”

Partner and CEO of PM Ljubljana Primož Inkret commented, “It can be hard to find service providers and agencies that provide solutions and products built on both content and technology. With support from Infobip and the C3 network, we will continue to build strategic solutions for our clients, offering a unique combination of support and the delivery of tech-savvy strategic communication concepts that have a real business impact. This partnership is another step in that direction and will help our clients access emerging technologies that support today and tomorrow’s communication challenges”.

Partner and CEO of 01 Content&Technology, Zagreb, Ana Plišić emphasized the importance of designing customer-centric digital communication services in the era of connected customers:

“Our human-centred design methodology in the C3 group helps companies better understand and meet their customers’ needs. Together with Infobip, we will deliver a full omnichannel approach to meet customers where they are, on their preferred channel, through relevant content. Together we are able to provide unique communication solutions, build on Infobip customer engagement portfolio, enable personalized omnichannel communication, smarter audience segmentation and more dynamic marketing automation.”