Infinet Wireless Enables Secure Connectivity for Smart Posts in Santiago de Chile

Digital Innovation

Infinet Wireless’ smart security and connectivity technology was deployed in the Las Condes community in Santiago de Chile, improving safety for the residents.

The more than 110 smart posts feature strategic interconnection points for the complete monitoring of zones (squares), panic buttons, Wi-Fi and PTZ cameras for the citizens’ security. The project was initiated by the “Seguridad Las Condes” organization who decided to strengthen citizen surveillance and offer connectivity and interaction with control personnel services.

The Las Condes community is a neighbourhood in the northeast of Santiago, Chile, which together with Providencia and the community of Santiago embodies the commercial, financial and touristic hub of the capital. Its commercial zone is the most vibrant in Chile. Situated between Avenida Andres Bello and the El Golf neighbourhood, two large hills, Calan and Apoquindo, stand out as landmarks.

The project was designed by the Chilean company WebPCX, a key player in the provision of technology solutions in the smart city and public security sector. WebPCX developed a smart post designed to improve security and quality of life in the Las Condes municipality. Ticashop Chile, a partner of Infinet Wireless and a distributor of its solutions since 2017, took part in the project as an intermediary collaborator.

The project consisted of placing Qmxb base stations on Calan Hill to interconnect the squares and the XG1000 solution towards the monitoring room. Featured is an XG1000 link and 3 radio base stations with beamforming technology and 40 InfiLINK sets. The distance covered is 3-5 km with a capacity of 20 Mbps per post or square guaranteed. Due to the excellent performance of the wireless solutions, to date the project has pole concentration nodes where continued growth is predicted along with further implementation of products from the Quanta family.

In the initial phase, Ticashop went with the client to test the terrain. The installation of a demo point took 4 to 5 months. This demo achieved satisfactory results, allowing the approval of the installation of the first smart post.

“The client Seguridad Las Condes, the integrator and the users enjoy essential benefits provided by Infinet’s solutions. When it comes to spectral efficiency, a signal in excess of 20 Mbps was delivered and less Hertz was used. I consider that there will be more projects with this client in the near future, with a view to expand,” confirms Nicolás del Valle, technology manager of Ticashop Chile.

The installation itself began in February 2019, and last year the project progressed with the implementation of more smart posts, together with Infinet Wireless’ radio links. The 110 smart posts were delivered in stages over 2019 and 2020 to the complete satisfaction of the client; residents and visitors of the area now enjoy a complete service.

Each smart post is equipped with enhanced security tools, such as panic buttons, and mobile PTZ cameras to monitor the squares; video and audio is transmitted via the wireless links. In addition, a Wi-Fi network has been included for the use of visitors to the squares, as well as megaphones with SOS buttons, which can alert security personnel in the event of an incident. Communication goes directly to the municipality’s control room.

“The most complicated part of the project was that a competitor’s brand was already installed in the same tower, occupying a large frequency spectrum. Faced with this complex issue, Infinet Wireless helped us hugely, thanks to its spectral efficiency, which performed extremely well from its installation, delivering the required 20 Mbps per point,” said Cristian Laude, the general Manager at WebPCX.

Infinet Wireless’s deep experience of radio frequency innovation – and translating that into the real world needs of customers – ensures that its products combine unsurpassed reliability and technical functionality, enabling the delivery of truly flexible wireless networks with unparalleled quality of service.