Infinet Wireless delivers state-wide wireless public security network in Mexico

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Infinet Wireless, the global enabler in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, has installed a new high-capacity wireless infrastructure to improve public safety and expand its geographical coverage in the Zacatecas state, located in north-central Mexico.

Infinet Wireless has provided connectivity to around 150 locations in numerous municipalities in the state, further enabling the local authorities and law enforcement agencies to provide dynamic monitoring of the streets and neighbourhoods, emergency care wherever it is needed, enhanced citizen protection, and connecting the REPUVE public register of vehicles with all relevant command and control centres.

Infinet Wireless was selected to deliver the project following a decision from the Executive Secretary of the State Public Security System (SESESP), which is responsible for citizen safety and security in the entire state, with the main objective being a major technological overhaul and renewal to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to the region.

“SESESP required a solution which could address the limitations of the legacy wireless platform we had, make more efficient use of the limited radio spectrum available, mitigate radio interference generated by third party and rogue base stations, as well as significantly improve the reliability of our camera feeds even in the highest density locations,” said Jaime Francisco Flores Medina, Executive Secretary of the SESESP of Zacatecas state. “These were critical criteria for SESESP, and Infinet Wireless was able to provide a reliable solution which met and exceeded our expectations, as well provide much easier installation and maintenance.”

One of the key challenges faced by SESESP was to ensure that its subsidiary, The Center for Integral Coordination, Control, Command and Communications (C5), could have access to dynamic and comprehensive visibility at the street level, enabling quick decision-making on all matters related to public safety, medical emergencies, the environment, civil protection, fluidity of road traffic and the provision of various services to the community at large. Gathering and sharing real-time information from a multitude of sources presented a real challenge, especially as the collected information needed to be subsequently distributed to various monitoring and control centres spread across the state.

“This was a project with understandably very stringent requirements due to the mission-critical nature of SESESP’s work protecting the state’s citizens and visitors. As the eighth largest state in Mexico, there were obvious geographical challenges in order to connect more than 150 locations across Zacatecas,” said Carlos de Lamadrid, Regional Business Development Manager for LATAM at Infinet Wireless. “Our years of experience developing state-of-the-art wireless solutions, able to operate in the most diverse climatic conditions and terrain topologies, whilst delivering bandwidth-intensive applications in real time, allows us to deliver SESESP with a solution that is helping the state continue its critical work safeguarding its citizens and entire communities.”

Infinet Wireless designed and implemented the network based on its R5000 product family, which includes Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) solutions as well as Point-to-Point (P2P) ones. The new platform provided the necessary bandwidth and capacity, with room for future growth, for crucial systems all aimed at improving people’s lives, ensuring their security wherever they are and significantly preventing and ultimately reducing crimes of all types.

Ultimately, SESESP is now able to rapidly gather all relevant information from all corners of the state, then share it with various authorities in order to take preventive actions as well as remedial ones whenever necessary.

Infinet Wireless completed the project with the help of its local partner Compulogic S.A. of C.V. This new infrastructure has now become a wireless reference for all other states interested in deploying similar platforms. Compulogic has been operating in the Zacatecas state for over 25 years and delivered multiple communications and IT projects in various regions of the country for different sectors of the industry, including education, health, private initiative and public safety.