Indosat Ooredoo Reveals WeGrow – a Green Living Platform

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Indosat Ooredoo, the digital telecommunications company in Indonesia, is always committed to empowering more women in tech and harnessing the potential of inclusive technology through its SheHacks program. This year, the program has announced WeGrow, a green living platform, as one of the Best Three Winners.

Launched in 2019, WeGrow aspired to be an enabler for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. Raising the awareness on the importance of green living by producing microgreen and salad kits in its early days, WeGrow immediately gained attention, with almost 1,500 products sold within the first six months.

Afterward, WeGrow expanded its scale of influence by developing more products and workshops, collaborating with partners, and shifting into a community ed-tech platform with various areas of interest, including urban farming, fermentation, and home waste management.

Chief of Bussiness Development Officer and Co-founder WeGrow, Riska Dwi Noviyanti said, “Green or eco-friendly living is becoming a trend these days as the pandemic has driven people to stay, study, and work at home if possible, and as a result, they become mindful of their environment and lifestyle. WeGrow decided to redefine its role into a community ed-tech platform to teach them how to adopt green living with simple steps, from introducing ways to making healthy food to managing home waste. We seek to help healthy lifestyle enthusiasts get the proper knowledge to adopt a more affordable eco-friendly lifestyle.”

As one of the Best Three Winners of SheHacks, WeGrow Team shared their excitement for learning many new things during the SheHacks mentoring sessions. “We learned a lot from mentors, including the importance of understanding problem-solution fit, seeking customer validation, creating a lean business model canvas, and also prototyping. We realized the value of constantly measuring product/ service satisfaction, asking for customers’ feedback, and measuring the referral rate to improve customer experience and grow into a sustainable business. We want to thank Indosat Ooredoo and SheHacks for allowing us to learn from the experts.”

According to PWC Consumer Insights Survey 2021, 86% of Indonesian consumers consciously shop for products with eco-friendly packaging or less packaging, especially by millennials. Meanwhile, 44% of them experienced a lack of sustainability options to become sustainable shoppers. Realizing the growing needs for sustainable products, WeGrow is committed to scaling up the app into a one-stop green living platform in the future.

SVP – Head of Corporate Communications Indosat Ooredoo, Steve Saerang, said, “SheHacks 2021 comes with a simple goal: to empower more women in tech and harness the potential of more inclusive technology. We are proud to have WeGrow as one of SheHacks winners as we share the same vision to leverage the use of technology in creating a more sustainable future and a better life for everyone without exception.”