Indosat Ooredoo Launches E-Wallet Challenge

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken most countries worldwide, including Indonesia, and forced the people to adopt a more digital lifestyle. One of the major changes includes the massive adoption of e-wallet for online payments.

Several studies revealed the rising trend of online shopping amidst the government’s social restrictions has massively accelerated the use of e-wallet services. Currently, there are several available e-wallet choices popularly used by the public. However, are there any certain features to accommodate the specific needs of today’s users?

Indosat Ooredoo, as the leading digital telco company in Indonesia, today launches a program called e-Wallet User Research Challenge 2021. It is an open innovation program and a user research competition that encourages the nation’s best digital talents to seek out the most reasonable and applicable solutions for the next e-wallet features. User research can also help find solutions to ease and simplify existing payment processes for a better user experience.

On the same occasion, Indosat Ooredoo held a virtual talk show under the theme of Understanding the Right Digital Payment: Finding Solutions through User Research, joined by the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, Sandiaga Uno. The talk show involves experts and aim to provide Indonesia’s younger generation with insights regarding the current digital economy trend and competencies needed to succeed in the field. This discussion is also relevant to the government’s objectives since the digital payments is one of the five pillars to improve Indonesia’s digital economy.

The speakers shared their knowledge on the importance of digital payments from academic, community, and startup perspectives. The event also discussed digital payment solutions in other countries, public responses to the current available payment options, unmet needs, and how data and user research can help solve problems or pain points experienced by the community.

Director & Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of Indosat Ooredoo, Arief Musta’in, said “The emerging digital payment solutions in recent years have become increasingly relevant to talk about, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for collaboration between various parties will lead to solutions that are more targeted and suitable with the needs of the wider community. Indosat Ooredoo, continuously committed to being part of the source of innovation, also launched a competition to sharpen the competence of the younger generation in creating digital payment solutions, not just as users.”

The Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said “The potential of Indonesia’s digital economic environment will continue to increase and dominate Southeast Asia. Currently, the government is preparing Indonesia to become the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia. One of the foundations of our national development plan is the digital sector. We appreciate Indosat Ooredoo’s e-Wallet User Research Challenge initiative. Hopefully, it will push Indonesia’s young talents to develop innovative ideas regarding E-Wallet through User Research. We hope this will become the first step of innovative development in building a sustainable creative industry.”

The participants of the e-Wallet Challenge will receive training and coaching from experts during the competition. Using real case studies, participants can hone their skills and get better career opportunities. Participant registration and idea submission starts today until August 19th, 2021. The program allows participants to join individually or in groups of maximum 3 members. At the end of the program, attractive prizes await the best participants who offer most innovative and applicable ideas, are actively involved in the competition, and provide the most favored solution.