How iNAAS Can Drive IP Network Transformation for Operators


By Zia Askari

Epsilon is positioning its ‘Intelligent Network as a Service’ to help operators move towards IP ecosystem

At a time when telecom operators are moving towards an all-IP network regime, there is still a lot of TDM being already deployed and keeping this in mind, Epsilon, a global enabler of connectivity services to communications service providers around the world, is offering its ‘Intelligent Network as a Service’ for the operator community in order to enable smooth transformation towards IP.

‘Cataleya’, a subsidiary of Epsilon is positioned towards creating next generation IP multimedia networking ecosystem powering intelligent networking as a service deployment for the operator community.


“In the last 10 years, Internet Protocol (IP) based networks have proven themselves to provide a very cost effective and versatile infrastructure to transport multimedia traffic. Most of the latest 4G mobile architectures such as LTE are based on end-to-end IP transport. The global adaption of 4G LTE, and the proliferation of networks running an all IP core have accelerated the flattening of the Global Network Architecture. It has also enabled Mobile and Fixed Line Operators to seamlessly interconnect via IP based interconnections,” explains, Andreas Hipp, CEO, Epsilon.

Session Border Controllers are the basic infrastructure components of the future of these IP based networks. Cataleya’s next generation intelligent SBCs optimise the network performance and provide end-to- end QoS of an all IP Network applying real time performance statistics.

This mandates the requirement for a very robust network management interface combining the ability to solve QoS issues for reliable and proactive troubleshooting and maintenance of the network. These are the key elements of tomorrow’s all IP networking ecosystems and enabling features of iNaaS (intelligent Network as a Service).

Driving IP network transformation for the operators, at present, the company has installed various components of iNAAS for five operators spread across Europe, Africa and US. “We are quite positive about our iNAAS offering and we are also in touch with most of the operators in India as well,” he adds on.

Cataleya’s SBC offers service providers full end-to-end quality of service, visibility from the transport to applications layers as well as an intuitive user interface to facilitate ease of operation. Cataleya is headquartered in Singapore with its own technology development team in Silicon Valley and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Epsilon Global Communications.