IMC 2019 | UNISOC Unveils TIGER T117 SoC Platform


As a global supplier of mobile communications chipsets and IoT chipsets, UNISOC at the India Mobile Congress 2019, described the challenges that telecom operators faces and announced the launch of its TIGER T117 to speed up 2G/3G to 4G migration.

The past several years have been tough for telecom operators. Their revenue and cash flows have dropped but consumptions of mobile data boomed, operators responded by investing heavily in their wireless networks.

As a result, the average ratio of capital spending to revenues has remained stubbornly high. What can telecom operators do to alleviate the squeeze on margins and create more value? Closure of the 2G or 3G network is the ideal solution for transmitting richer and multi-stream data in a quick and secure way as it allows for significantly higher throughput than both 3G and 2G solutions.

UNISOC launched a specialized SoC platform TIGER T117 for 4G feature phones. TIGER T117 supports LTE/WCDMA/GSM network, runs RTOS, with ultra-low power consumption, features BT, FM, multimedia and a built-in LPDDR. TIGER T117 is currently the most highly integrated and smallest size 4G SoC platform in the world. TIGER T117 supports LTE CAT4 and VoLTE HD voice calls, providing high-definition voice call quality. It also offers Dual SIM, Dual Standby (DSDS) technologies allowing users to use two SIMs, as the best solution for switching from 2G /3G to 4G networks.

Eric Zhou, Executive Vice President of UNISOC, said: “By providing innovative technology, UNISOC hopes to maximize value for our customers and help them seize the opportunities of the 5G era. With TIGER T117, we are strengthening our 4G portfolio to meet different user expectations. In the future, by leveraging this advantage, we look forward to helping operators reduce operating costs, evolve towards the next generation of mobile technology, and provide consumers with better services and experiences.”

As a global leader in the feature phone market, UNISOC serves over 130 operators across 100 countries in the world and offers the most complete suite for the transfer to 4G network. The SC9820E for 4G smart feature phone with basic social applications, while the 4G smartphone platform SC9832E with higher integration, stronger performance and lower power consumption, is the preferred solution for 4G entry-level smartphones.