IMC 2019 | Huawei Enterprise showcases 5G Powered India-Centric Solutions


Committed to the vision of a New India, Huawei India Enterprise business featured a comprehensive range of the 5G powered ICT products for varied industries such as 5G + smart city, 5G + safe city, 5G + airport (boarding gate) and 5G + education (and remote classroom) aimed at a 5G accelerated Digital India.

Bringing the next generation of wireless connections to India, Huawei introduced the enterprise grade Wi-Fi 6, powered by Huawei 5G, for high-scale commercial use of enterprises in India.

Speaking on the range of solutions showcased at India Mobile Congress 2019, Derek Hao, President – Enterprise Business Group, Huawei India said, “As a leader in driving the development of digital society, Huawei has been working with partners from a wide range of fields and industries to develop a wide variety of scenario-specific solutions to promote both the digital transformation and the development of an industry ecosystem.”

Following Huawei’s ‘Platform + Ecosystem’ strategy, Huawei works constantly to enhance its platform capability. The launch of the Huawei OpenLab Delhi last year helped expand the partner eco-system in India with more than 50 Indian partners engaged with the Openlab today. Together with alliances and solution partners, Huawei at IMC 2019 demonstrated some of its solutions and use cases for multiple vertical sectors relating to smart cities, transportation, education and smart campus solutions.

5G + Smart City 2.0: Re-envisioning the smart city architecture, Huawei’s innovative Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) solution for Smart Cities 2.0 which collects, cleans, and analyzes data from each subsystem of the city, providing information which indicates the status of the whole city and guidance for decision-making. Moreover, the solution implements real-time resource management and indicates the status of public resources in a city. It integrates different service types such as voice, video, trunking, GIS map, call centers and command centers, which help urban managers cope with emergencies.

5G + Smart City-Smart Pole: As part of smart city solution, Huawei’s Smart Pole is a highly integrated lamp post with multi-functions, including smart lighting, wireless network, video surveillance, billboard, RFID, emergency call, charging pile, etc. Smart Pole enhances municipal resource optimization with “shared economic” mode, which can not only reduce repeated construction of urban pole, it eventually facilitates refined city management by helping promote urban construction intensification with intelligent infrastructure facilities. Smart pole is also ideal for installing 5G equipment thus saving on need and resources for a new pole.

5G + AI Powered Safe City: Huawei’s Intelligent City Surveillance solutions are equipped with AI powered cameras covers specific detection areas for Intrusion detection, Abandoned Object detection, Stealing/ Missing Object detection, Loitering/ Suspicious movement detection.

5G + Smart Transportation (5G Airports): Huawei smart airport solutions, demonstrated by the on-site smart boarding gate demo, offers a glimpse of the future 5G-enabled smart airports. Powered by 5G+AI technologies, these future airports will address and simplify passenger flow and flight flow scenarios that will eventually assist in seamless travel operations and experience using facial recognition technology for self-service check-in, hierarchical security check, security check, smart navigation, last call, high-class service, in-flight passenger management, self-service boarding, convenient paperless luggage services along with wifi6 based high-speed network services.

5G + Smart Education & Remote Classroom: It implements all services on one campus network and provides immersive VR teaching experience. Solutions such as the Cloudlink Board enables smart and/or remote classrooms facilitating remote interactive teaching and analysis of students behaviour, sharing of resources and improving teaching quality based on the latest technologies such as 5G, IoT, Big Data and AI.

Cloud Wi-Fi 6: Huawei Wi-Fi6, which complements 5G coverage for indoor environment, can support 200+ concurrent connections and enable large throughput. The cloud management campus solution provides multi-tenant isolation and refined O&M capabilities. Wi-Fi 6 deployed with 5G together is ideal solution for to create an optimal cost-effective network for handling a wide range of scenarios including VR, 4K, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), high-intensity outdoor venues like squares and stadiums allow a large number of users and terminals to get high-quality coverage.