IMC 2018: Mavenir Showcases Virtualized Solutions to Redefine Network Economics for 5G

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Mavenir, the industry’s only 100% software, cloud-native end-to-end network provider, focused on transforming mobile network economics for communications service providers (CSPs), has announced its virtualized cloud-native solutions for the Indian telecommunication industry.

Mavenir has been in India since 2006 with over 1100 employees and much of its innovation is derived from this market. Mavenir works with over 250 mobile operators globally and is now bringing it end-to-end virtualized solutions to operators in India. This announcement comes from India Mobile Congress in New Delhi where Mavenir is exhibiting and showing live demonstrations.

“The mobile industry is at a tipping point. In the 5G era, status quo network economics are unsustainable. The cost-per-bit models and network architectures that dictated 4G strategies will not support 5G use cases. The next mobile technology generation will unleash peak data rates of multi-gigabits per second, transmitting significantly higher volumes of data, as well as supporting a myriad of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and new services for massive machine communications and ultra-reliable low latency applications,” said Pardeep Kohli, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mavenir. “The virtualized RAN and EPC solutions are for CSPs looking for cost reduction strategies.”

There is a lot of hype about 5G but many operators need to monetize their 4G network investments. Since most deployments of 4G Radio are based on proprietary hardware models, that has been difficult. Mavenir is focused on virtualizing the RAN. Utilizing its award-winning NFV and MANO platform called CloudRange™, Mavenir enables operators to take advantage of radio slicing for enterprise, IOT or other specific use cases.

Mavenir’s vRAN approach centralizes the baseband processing in a cloud native virtual Base Band Unit (vBBU), with optimized fronthaul (FH) transmission between the RRU and the vBBU over ethernet. The highly modular software platform brings the benefits of cloud based virtualization that are deployable in today’s 4G networks and paves the way for 5G (NR).

“The sheer volume and variety of 5G data traffic will break today’s cost-per-bit models as current infrastructure cannot cost-effectively scale to meet demand nor can it provide the flexibility to allow rapid introduction of revenue-generating services,” Sanjay Bakaya, RVP, India and South Asia Region. “The RCS Business Messaging (RBM) solution is for CSPs looking to generate new revenues.”

Mavenir’s RCS Business Messaging solution allows MNOs to protect their growing A2P revenue by providing a fast and simple solution to implement RCS messaging into the wireless network, from the cloud. With full combability with GSMA Universal Profile clients—such as Google Android Messages or Samsung Messages—the solutions facilitate the integration of enablers such as chatbots, mobile payments and other messaging based applications to enable MNOs and aggregators to strategically position themselves as key players in the business-to-consumer (B2C) messaging market.