Iliad’s Free Fiber available on Gers Numérique Public Initiative Network


Free (a subsidiary of Iliad) is continuing to roll out its fiber network throughout France and has now joined the Gers Numérique Public Initiative Network (“PIN”). This means that:

• over 23,000 homes covered by Gers Numérique can get Free Fiber as of today; and
• coverage will be rapidly extended, with over 42,000 homes eligible for Free Fiber in three
months’ time.

The essential role of Fiber

The current situation demonstrates just how vital the telecoms industry is, forming an essential link without which a country cannot function.

Digital Broadband Opportunities

It is thanks to telecom infrastructure that economic activity can continue during these challenging times, enabling people to work from home and their children to access online education, as well as offering entertainment and relaxation and ways of maintaining social relations, even for the most isolated. And because fiber provides the best speeds with no risk of saturation, it represents the best
technology available on which many innovative usages and services of the future will be built.

Free is coming to the Gers with clear goals

Free Fiber is now available for people living in the Gers who are covered by the Gers Numérique PIN.
Free is delighted to have entered into a long-term partnership with Gers Numérique, which entails co-financing fiber investments on the Gers Numérique network.

This partnership testifies to Free’s commitment to the rollout of fiber throughout France and its aim of having a presence on PINs, including in the most rural areas of the country. It also fits seamlessly with Gers Numérique’s aim of making Ultra-Fast Broadband an absolute priority.

The Gers département used to have the worst Internet speeds in France, but after record-level public investment – supported by the French government and the Occitanie regional authorities – it is now Occitanie’s number one public fiber network.

Free Fiber’s launch on the Gers Numérique PIN was officially inaugurated in Auch today in the presence of Philippe Martin (President of the Gers département), Jean-Pierre Salers
(Chairman of Gers Numérique) and Thomas Reynaud (Chief Executive Officer of Iliad-Free).

The fiber network is being rolled out rapidly in the Gers, with no significant negative impacts from the health crisis, and the objectives set at the beginning of the year will nearly all be
met. The local people have been eagerly awaiting the network, with many signing up as soon as they become eligible.

Free has joined the Gers Numérique network with its usual dynamic momentum, already offering fiber to more than 23,000 homes spread over 25 municipalities. And not only in the largest towns such as Fleurance, l’Isle-Jourdain, Condom and Gimont – Free’s fiber plans are also available in very small villages such as Esclassan-Labastide and Saint-Cricq.

Free’s coverage will increase very quickly, with over 42,000 homes in some sixty municipalities eligible for Free Fiber in three months’ time. This will mean that Free will have a presence across the entire area currently deployed by Gers Numérique.

Connectible FTTH socket: a socket for which the link between the shared access point and the optical splitter has been
put in place by the building operator, which the Group can access in accordance with its co-financing commitments, and
for which the connection to the Group’s network has been completed or is in progress.

Start-up fee: €49. Termination fee: €49. 1 10G-EPON fiber technology: maximum theoretical speeds of 8 Gbps download and 700 Mbps upload, subject to use of
compatible devices.

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