IHS Towers Selects TEOCO’s ASSET – Network Planning Solution


TEOCO, a global provider of engineering, assurance and analytics solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), has announced that IHS Towers, the largest mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider in Africa, Europe and the Middle East will deploy its ASSET tool.

IHS Towers (“IHS”) is Africa’s leading mobile infrastructure provider, owning and operating more than 23,100 towers and guaranteeing 99.9% network uptime reliability to a range of African mobile network operators (MNOs).

IHS will leverage the full capabilities of ASSET, TEOCO’s market-leading network planning tool, to enable more efficient and effective tower-sharing agreements among its multiple African mobile operator customers.

Using ASSET, IHS will merge sites for a number of operators in order to reduce CAPEX and OPEX, while maintaining and guaranteeing quality of service for customers.

ASSET is TEOCO’s radio network planning tool. The most recent release is ASSET 9.0, which is a complete solution for planning all parts of the radio network while fully integrating with the wider OSS/BSS eco-system. It supports all radio technologies, including Wi-Fi, and is capable of analyzing large data sets presented from more than 750,000 cells across Africa. These consist of a wide range of radio technologies, multiple carriers and complex antenna systems.

“Tower sharing agreements deliver significant value to MNOs and significantly reduce OPEX and CAPEX tied to owning physical infrastructure,” said William Saad, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of IHS. “By partnering with TEOCO and by leveraging its ASSET tool we are able to safeguard and extend the inherent benefits of tower sharing by ensuring our MNO customers derive maximum possible benefit from our infrastructure.”

“IHS Towers is set to play a key role in advancing connectivity and digital inclusion across Africa,” said Atul Jain, CEO, TEOCO. “By using ASSET, IHS Towers and its MNO customers can scale to meet the growing demand for mobile broadband across the continent and also deliver a superior, differentiated quality of experience to mobile subscribers.”