IDEMIA, NSEZ partner to create inclusive infrastructure


IDEMIA, the enabler in Augmented Identity has joined hands with Noida Special Economic Zone Authority (NSEZ) to create inclusive infrastructure.

The initiative is aimed at offering universal designs and accessibility to people, regardless of their physical ability and fully understanding of what they need, to do their jobs in best possible way.


A. Bipin Menon, Development Commissioner, (NSEZ), Noida, is spearheading the initiative of helping those with disabilities live with dignity, respect and equal opportunity. IDEMIA is supporting the cause with donation of wheelchairs and creating disabled friendly washrooms.

IDEMIA’s commitment to making a positive global impact is embedded in its purpose: to unlock the world and make it safer. IDEMIA is committed to fostering innovation that drives responsibility, inclusivity, and sustainability.

A. Bipin Menon, Development Commissioner, (NSEZ), Noida and Matthew Foxton, India Regional President & Vice-President, Branding & Communications, IDEMIA, were present at NSEZ to mark the occasion.

Speaking on this, A. Bipin Menon, Development Commissioner , Noida Special Economic Zone, said, “Our aim is to make NSEZ an inclusive workplace and IDEMIA has set a benchmark. We believe that more units need to step up towards this objective in whatever way they could. Some of the areas that they could work on are ensuring accessibility, appropriate skilling, funding initiatives through CSR, providing assistive devices and creating the right attitudinal change towards the differently abled. ”

Matthew Foxton, India Regional President, IDEMIA, said, “This initiative is just a stepping stone into creating an accessible, inclusive environment where everyone can belong and thrive. We are committed to support NSEZ in this noble cause. ”.

Since 2006, IDEMIA has supported the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Our IMPACT program is closely aligned with nine of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

IDEMIA, offers a trustworthy environment that enables people to carry out their everyday essential tasks (including paying bills, connecting to the internet, and travelling) both physically and digitally. With around 15,000 staff members worldwide, IDEMIA serves clients in 180 different countries.