IC1 by Macquarie Data Centres: Your Go-To Data Centre for Businesses in the Sydney CBD

Power of Analytics

Macquarie Data Centres (MDC) is providing the foundation for the digital economy with an unrivaled portfolio of certified colocation, connectivity and engineering. 

The company seeks to leverage its local Sydney data centres, rural centres and long time experience to provide the best quality data services. Services provided by MDC range from single rack colocation to multi-megawatt hyperscale requirements for projects that are out of this world.

Currently, MDC houses five data centres across Australia with all of the facilities being designed and benchmarked to meet stringent requirements and government specifications. Users can be assured the highest possible uptime and the highest level of security, sovereignty, service and compliance for all data. For those looking to secure their information and data with a reliable provider, it is a viable option to look into data centres in Sydney with Macquarie Data Centre.

Specifically, the IC1 by Macquarie Data Centres is a perfect place for Sydney based businesses looking for somewhere safe and secure to house their data. In the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the data centre is MDC’s first and is home to their Hosting Management Centre (HMC) engineers. These engineers are a preemptive line of defense against problems and are readily available to access to all the systems and tools to get visibility inside your unique environment.

David Tudehope, CEO of Macquarie Telecoms has noted that, “The New South Wales digital economy is rapidly growing,” and centres like this will “create world-class infrastructure and valuable long-term jobs in the digital and cyber security sector.”

David Hirst, group executive of Macquarie Data Centres has also mentioned the global scale of the data centres and their newer additions being one of the most certified in the region.

“Data is growing exponentially, and we have demonstrated time and time again our ability to deliver infrastructure to meet that growth,” he said. “Our data centres are sovereign, secure and certified to manage Australia’s most important data and drive the digital economy.”

The IC1 data centre is a 5 minute walk from Central Station which gives you the opportunity to access it whenever you want and get a coffee along the way. Sydney IC1 has the capability to offer rack and cage colocation services in their highly secure and reliable environment. 

Macquarie Data Centres is one of the three strategic data centre operators that provide the highest level of security and services for hosting government data. These centres have the ability to record, manage and mitigate supply chain risks and involve key personnel in government security and other high level requirements.