iBwave Unveils Reference Poster on 5 GHz Wireless Standards


iBwave Solutions, the standard for in-building wireless network planning and design has released a unique Reference Poster focused on 5GHz Wireless Standards.

The Poster can be accessed by clicking on this link:

5 GHz Bands Poster

Inside the Poster

This poster is designed for global telecom professionals and carries a wealth of information: including most of the cheat sheets, professionals might need while designing wireless networks.

It includes useful references such as tables with 5 GHz U-NII Bands overview, new 5 GHz U-NII bands, current and future U-NII Channels. This makes it a handy tool for telecom professionals, as it gives easy access to critical knowledge on 5 GHz wireless standards.

How iBwave Helps

With the continued growth of mobile data consumption designing wireless networks for high density venues and tackling capacity issues has become a big challenge for enterprises today.

To meet the insatiable demand for faster and better mobile broadband that results in improved end-user experience, mobile operators are increasingly deploying converged networks that take into account multiple technologies in a single in-building project.

As the de facto standard, iBwave Design is ready to integrate these converged networks for complex high capacity and high density venues into one unique efficient design. With multi-technology support such as LTE-A and CBRS support, iBwave Design 9 is the right solution for future-proof high quality designs that take into account any in-building network type: DAS, Small Cells, Wi-Fi, LoRa, CBRS, and Public Safety. To learn more about the latest iBwave products, visit: www.ibwave.com.