iBwave Unveils cloud-driven ‘Wi-Fi Mobile’ to Enable Easy Wi-Fi Deployment


iBwave, an innovative solutions provider for the in-building wireless segment, has unveiled its first Wi-Fi only product, iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile, a powerful cloud-connected mobile app with the ability to survey, design and validate Wi-Fi networks.

iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile on tabletThe Wi-Fi app extends iBwave’s in-building software portfolio, providing customers with a simple yet robust Wi-Fi only solution that transforms their smartphone or tablet into a Wi-Fi network design and debug powerhouse. Going way beyond being a simple site survey tool, iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile can cut design and deployment time in half with its powerful design and validation features. Plus its ability to connect with the iBwave Cloud enables complete collaboration by giving anytime, anywhere access to project files that are iBwave eco-system compatible.

“Based on evolving wireless trends, we observed a need for a standalone Wi-Fi solution that would immediately increase productivity and collaboration as well as be ready for future heterogeneous wireless networks in a building” said Scott Pereira, Director Global Product Partnerships & Innovations, iBwave. “We are happy to deliver the new iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile app – a powerful cloud connected solution that lets you survey, design, validate and share Wi-Fi projects easily” he added.

As the leader of in-building wireless network design, iBwave’s software portfolio already included Wi-Fi capabilities but this new stand-alone solution takes Wi-Fi network design to a whole new level. For the industry it is a positive improvement in the way Wi-Fi networks are being deployed.

According to Andrew von Nagy, Wireless Networking Expert and Owner of Revolution Wi-Fi “iBwave brings their considerable indoor wireless design expertise to the unlicensed market with the release of iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile. For Wi-Fi professionals, iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile brings unique RF design capabilities based on over 13 years of indoor wireless expertise that will improve WLAN design in ever more challenging environments. iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile along with the iBwave Cloud will enable simple and efficient collaboration across multiple engineering teams throughout the project lifecycle”. He added “iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile provides a professional tool to ensure successful Wi-Fi network deployments and is a welcome addition”.

With the upcoming release of iBwave Wi-Fi® for PC in March 2016, iBwave will soon have a complete Wi-Fi network design production solution – a mobile app, a PC version with powerful 3D design functionality, and an integrated cloud offering to efficiently manage and synchronize all project files.