i3D.net Picks Colt Network to Elevate Gaming Experience

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Colt Technology Services and i3D.net have announced the expansion of Colt’s IQ Network into the Smartdc data center in Rotterdam. Through this expansion, i3D.net can offer a superior user experience with its low latency hosting platforms like its Game Hosting Platform for game developers.

Colt announced the expansion of the Colt IQ Network in the region in June 2020 in response to the area’s rapid economic growth. Now, i3D.net and SmartDC customers can benefit from access to the full Colt portfolio, including SDN-based services such as Colt On Demand and the implementation of edge computing with the Colt IQ Network across the region.

Digital Innovation

i3D.net’s clients include some of the largest companies in the world, among which are enterprise customers and world-leading video game publishers. They have a strong demand for a reliable, low latency global infrastructure to provide their users with the best possible user experience. By providing access to the Colt IQ network through the Smartdc data center, every i3D.net and Smartdc customer can now take advantage of Colt’s services in the Western European region.

The Colt IQ Network includes a 100+ Gbps optimized, owned network and currently reaches all the key business hubs across Europe, Asia and North America, connecting more than 900 data centres and over 29,000 on net buildings. The evolution of connectivity in this area will also support businesses both locally and globally by enabling agile, on-demand, high bandwidth connectivity, adding resilient routes in this key and strategic part of Europe.

Paula Cogan, Colt Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management, said; “Demand for our intelligent network services is growing significantly across the globe and especially in the Dutch market. Rotterdam is well known as a globally leading port from an innovation perspective and i3D.net shares this same ethos. With a focus on enabling applications that require high bandwidth and low latency, it’s a perfect match with the Colt IQ Network. We are excited to be able to partner with innovative companies like i3D.net, ensuring we are a trusted partner not only in this region but globally.”

Rick Sloot, i3D.net’s Chief Operating Officer said; “Since day one our strategy is to create a real network hub location in the Smartdc datacenter. We are thrilled to see Colt is anticipating on the market developments to be ready for the future. Our goal to be as close as possible to the end-user with the lowest latency possible, together with the ever growing bandwith needs, fits in perfectly with the development of the Colt IQ network expansion.”