Hytec Inter Picks Radisys to Enable 5G Private Networks

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Radisys Corporation, a global enabler of open telecom solutions, has announced that Japanese 5G player Hytec Inter is leveraging Radisys’ Connect RAN software to enable its local 5G solution for private networks.

Radisys’ 3GPP-compliant Connect RAN 5G solution enables an elastic and agile 5G network tailored to meet the unique requirements of diverse 5G applications with minimized CAPEX, improved time-to-market, and shortened time-to-revenue. Hytec Inter distributes 4.9 GHz long distance wireless access systems, private LTE (local 4G), and develops 4K video encoding/decoding, ultra-Low Latency narrowband video transmission systems and local 5G solutions.


Radisys and Hytec Inter have developed a local 5G platform solution that enables rapid optimization for high resolution video for AI/DX (digital transformation) applications, geared towards small and medium-sized deployments and adaptable for on-premises configurations.

Radisys’ industry-leading, feature-rich Connect RAN Software coupled with Hytec Inter’s 4K LLC, an ultra-low latency 4K video platform with a proprietary bandwidth management system, is optimized for 5G uplink transmission and promises significantly reduced time-to-market for customers.

Radisys’ Connect RAN 5G Software is compliant with specifications from 3GPP, the Small Cell Forum, and the O-RAN Alliance, and it won the Small Cell Forum award for Outstanding Contribution to Small Cell Open RAN Platforms. The software is available pre-integrated and pre-validated on multiple industry-leading platforms to accelerate global 5G deployments.

“We are excited to partner with Hytec Inter to deliver an innovative solution for Japan’s local 5G market deployments,” said Munish Chhabra, SVP and General Manager, Software and Services, Radisys. “Our multi-platform software will deliver the performance and latency requirements required by Hytec Inter’s customers that want to deploy their own 5G private network.”

“There is a huge opportunity for private wireless network solutions and we value this partnership with Radisys to bring local 5G to our customers,” said Norihito Asao, President and CEO, Hytec Inter. “Radisys is an industry leader in 5G software and its 3GPP compliant solution integrated with the Hytec 4K LLC will enable us to deliver exciting new applications for digital transformation. In particular, the ability to jointly deliver an on-premise configuration that allows our customers to have their own complete 5G network and allows us to offer a differentiated solution that supports our customers’ goals for latency, performance and control over their network.”

Hytec Inter is a distributor and developer of communications and networking equipment in Japan. Supported by a highly experienced world class technical engineering team, Hytec delivers and provides full lifecycle support for premium end-to-end solutions in government, defence and industrial market sectors. Its 4K video solutions reliably and securely deliver low latency high quality video over challenging narrowband networks. Combined with providing secure and scalable high performance private 5G networks in demanding on-premise applications.