Huawei Upgrades its SmartWi-Fi Solution for Premium 4K Video Experience

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Huawei has upgraded its SmartWi-Fi solution for 4K videos to help operators provide multi-channel 4K videos over Wi-Fi in environments with strong interference, greatly improving the 4K video experience of home users.

Video services like 4K and virtual reality (VR) pose higher demands on home networks. However, in the houses with rooms, walls, and floors, cable routing is not a feasible solution due to relatively long distances.

These houses also have more sources of interference. As a result, these houses fail to enjoy full Wi-Fi coverage with high data speeds, and their residents cannot smoothly stream multi-channel 4K videos, making the last 10 meters in homes the biggest bottleneck for improving broadband experience.

To address these issues, Huawei has upgraded the SmartWi-Fi solution for multi-channel 4K video bearing. This solution features high performance, wide coverage, and anti-interference, ensuring a premium 4K video experience. It also supports cloud management, simplifying the operation and maintenance. Huawei’s SmartWi-Fi solution for 4K videos brings about the following benefits:

Huawei’s high-performance Wi-Fi network solution delivers fast speeds: Huawei uses cutting-edge Wi-Fi optimization technologies to ensure Wi-Fi signal quality. As a result, users can enjoy smooth experience when streaming videos, playing online games, and sharing large files. Compared with traditional wired solutions which hinder the deployment of video services, this solution makes video service provisioning fast and easy.

Multi-channel 4K videos are concurrently carried, bringing a premium video experience: Huawei’s solution adopts technologies to support concurrent multi-video streaming, greatly improving the Wi-Fi performance and stability when multiple terminals are connected. Huawei-proprietary algorithms are also used to dynamically optimize the issues related to 4K video quality perception. In this way, the solution allows users to enjoy a premium experience when streaming multi-channel 4K videos even in an environment with severe interference.

Networks are highly reliable, and support self-healing and automatic roaming: Unlike traditional Wi-Fi access points (APs), Huawei’s Wi-Fi APs support the mesh function: when a fault occurs, the network can be reconstructed based on the mesh connectivity capability. In this way, the Wi-Fi network can heal itself, avoiding network disconnection or service interruption. In addition, Huawei’s solution supports automatic roaming switching within 100 ms, bringing users high bandwidth anywhere in their homes.

O&M is simplified through cloud management, improving user satisfaction: Huawei’s SmartWi-Fi cloud management module supports remote O&M through the cloud, eliminating more than 30% of home visits. In addition, Huawei supports Wi-Fi topology and status visualization, identification and remote troubleshooting for poor-quality Wi-Fi, enabling operators to resolve faults in a timely manner.

Zhou Jun, President of Huawei Access Network Product Line, stated: “4K videos will become a core service of operators. The quality of the home Wi-Fi network has become a key factor that affects video experience. Huawei’s SmartWi-Fi solution for 4K videos aims at improving the 4K video experience of home users, and helping operators to improve user experience and maximize commercial benefits by building a premium broadband network that can be managed, visualized, operated, and maintained in a smart way.”

Huawei, which advocates the idea of building networks by focusing on user experience, has proactively invested in the home network field and made innovations together with industry-leading operators.

At present, Huawei’s SmartWi-Fi solution for 4K videos has been commercialized by mainstream operators in Europe, the Middle East, and China, providing home users with high-quality broadband experience and services.

As a top ultra-broadband solutions provider, Huawei has been leading the development of the ultra-broadband industry, and has proposed the value proposition of “premium broadband” to break the experience bottleneck of the broadband industry through value-driven network deployment and experience-driven operations, thereby meeting the digital connection requirements of individuals, homes, and enterprises, and enabling a smart world with the Internet of everything.

Huawei is showcasing its latest product and solution offerings at the ongoing global exposition CommunicAsia 2018 in Singapore.