Huawei Unveils the Autonomous Driving Mobile Network Solution


Huawei has released the Mobile Automation Engine (MAE) solution, which accelerates full-scenario autonomous driving in mobile networks.

Zhou Yuefeng, CMO of Huawei Wireless Solution, released the autonomous driving mobile network solution MAE.

The OPEX of telecom operators remains high currently. With the advent of 5G, mobile operators will face the coexistence of multiple RATs (including GSM, UMTS, LTE, and NR) for a long period of time. Network becomes much more complex, posing many challenges to network O&M, performance improvement, and user experience assurance. The industry has reached consensus that network automation is essential to reduce OPEX.

“Drawing on the concept of autonomous driving levels, telecom operators need to approach full network automation by-scenario and by-level based on the O&M workflow,” said Zhou Yuefeng, CMO of Huawei Wireless Solution. He continued, “Huawei recently released the white paper Key Scenarios of Autonomous Driving Mobile Network, which describes seven key scenarios, such as base station deployment and network performance improvement, to unify industry consensus and gradually realize automation of these key scenarios.

The MAE solution carries three major concepts: All-Scenario Oriented, AI Inside, and Autonomy by Layer (3A).

•All-Scenario Oriented: Network operation transfers from NE-oriented to scenario-oriented.
•AI Inside: AI capabilities are introduced to build an intelligent engine that converges management and control, endowing the network with new capabilities, such as scenario awareness and identification, network prediction, and self-learning.
•Autonomy by Layer: Closed-loop autonomy is used to shield the various scenarios and enable efficient collaboration. Customers only need to focus on intentions and policies.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s first wireless automation roundtable attracted a wide range of participants from industry partners, including operators, associations, and analyst organizations. It is agreed that all parties should make full use of their advantages and collaborate together to make network automation a reality.

“Huawei’s MAE solution has shown its values in some key scenarios through the practice with our customers, bringing confidence to the industry,” said Zhou. He concluded, “Let us accelerate the application of AI in mobile networks, jointly promote autonomous driving networks, and embrace the fully connected, intelligent world.”

Together with industry partners GSMA and GTI, the 2018 Global Mobile Broadband Forum hosted by Huawei was held in London, UK on November 19-21, 2018, when global operators, regulators, and vertical operators will be invited. Industry partners, as well as media and analysts gathered to discuss the development of the mobile industry.