Huawei Unveils Agile Campus 3.0 Solutions to Drive Wireless Access for Enterprise

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Global ICT products and solutions provider, Huawei has launched its Agile Campus 3.0 Solutions, with key highlights including the Ethernet Network Processor (ENP)-based Wi-Fi acceleration algorithm, Wi-Fi soft handover technology, 2.5GE access switch and 100GE line card, and Agile Mobile Solution.

Huawei’s Agile Campus 3.0 products and solutions are based on innovative agile wireless access technologies and are developed to enhance wireless campus network access quality, which ultimately improves mobile access user experience.

At Huawei Network Congress (HNC), Wang Shihong, General Manager, Switch Domain, Switch and Enterprise Communications Product Line, Huawei, said, “Huawei’s Agile Campus Solution has been deployed by more than 600 customers from seven industries across the globe. This demonstrates our achievements and capabilities in this area. The Huawei Agile Campus 3.0 solution is an upgrade of the previous versions to support high quality, all-wireless, and ultra-broadband wireless networks.”

In today’s mobile world, more than 60 percent of enterprises plan to migrate their applications and collaboration systems to mobile platforms. At the same time, more than 90 percent of internet applications including media streaming, web page browsing, email, and Social Networking Service (SNS), are based on the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). TCP was initially designed for wired network environments and cannot support wireless networks that are low bandwidth, have high latency, and are mobile. This results in lowered efficiency and poor user experience of TCP-based mobile applications operating in wireless network environments. The quality of all-wireless access depends on how enterprises address three major challenges. First, enterprises need to guarantee high network speed and high quality audio and image transmissions. At the same time, they need to prevent interruptions when roaming. Finally, enterprises require networks that can manage bursts of high volume traffic generated by ubiquitous mobile applications.

Wi-Fi acceleration algorithm

To address these challenges, Huawei’s innovative Wi-Fi acceleration algorithm technology benefit from ENP programmable chips focuses on the TCP layer to enable stable network speeds and high quality user experience when accessing wireless networks. The Wi-Fi acceleration technology substantially improves wireless network quality and increases wireless network performance by 30 percent, while reducing signal interference by 35 percent and improving link utilization efficiency by 30 percent.

Wi-Fi soft handover technology

Enabling cross-region, mobile, and uninterrupted network access is one of the advantages of wireless networks. However, current wireless handover technologies can only provide wireless network connections in low-speed mobile situations. However, Huawei’s Wi-Fi soft handover patent technology supports wireless network access in high-speed mobile situations by providing 600Mbps high quality wireless network bandwidth for high-speed trains traveling at up to 120 kilometers per hour, without disconnections.

2.5GE access switch and 100GE line card

In addition, Huawei launched its latest 2.5GE access switch and 100GE line card as parts of its Agile Campus 3.0 Solution to upgrade campus network bandwidth in an end-to-end manner, address the explosive growth of campus service traffic and bursts of traffic resulting from teleconferencing and videoconferencing in mobile application scenarios. This ensures wireless network quality even if there are large volumes of users that require high bandwidth.

Agile Mobile Solution

At the event, Huawei also unveiled its Agile Mobile Solution, which seamlessly converges Wi-Fi and Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. With this, enterprises can build a non-blocking, carrier-grade, and high quality wireless network that supports data and audio communications. Huawei’s new technologies enables more mobile access applications to overcome geographical restrictions.

To date, Huawei’s Agile Campus Solution has been deployed by many customers, including AFC Ajax in the Netherlands, South Cross University in Australia, Ordos City in China, and Peking University Hospital in China. Moving forward, Huawei will continue to develop its Agile Campus Solution to make networks more agile for businesses and build a better connected world.