Huawei Showcases Smart Airport ICT Solutions at Passenger Terminal EXPO

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Huawei is showcasing its comprehensive smart airport ICT solutions under the theme of “Leading New ICT, The Road to Digital Aviation” at the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018.

The exhibition is one of the airport industry’s most preeminent events, gathering more than 7,000 delegates and 225 exhibitors representing the worldwide aviation ecosystem to discuss the latest developments and innovations.

Huawei is collaborating with partners such as TravelSky, Brilliant Technologies, Terra Vision, Huadong Electronic Information & Technology, and Crystone, to showcase a full suite of industry-leading Smart Airport ICT solutions for visualized efficient airport operations, visualized airport safety and personalized passenger services. By improving operational efficiency and safety, and optimizing the passenger experience, Huawei’s solutions enable the aviation industry to build smart airports of the future.

During the EXPO, Huawei is also holding a signing ceremony to announce a strategic partnership with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Through this strategic partnership, Huawei will leverage its new ICT solutions and expertise to support IATA’s efforts in accelerating digital transformation of the aviation industry.

Huawei is also announcing the successful deployment of its OceanStor 9000 storage solution at Hamad International Airport, helping one of the leading airports in the Middle East meet its substantial storage requirements for the next five years.

Yuan Xilin, President of the Transportation Sector of Huawei Enterprise BG, said in Huawei Global Aviation Summit 2018 “The concept of a smart airport is now becoming a reality around the world as airports adopt innovative ICT which enables digital and visualized flight services, passenger services, and airport operations. Huawei’s solutions based on new ICT such as cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and featuring cloud-pipe-device collaboration, deliver a one-stop innovative ICT infrastructure platform to help aviation customers build future-oriented smart airports. We aim to bring significant benefits to customers in terms of safety assurance, airport operational efficiency, and service quality, creating the best-in-class travel experience for global passengers.”

Yuan Xilin, President of the Transportation Sector of Huawei Enterprise BG, made a speech in Huawei Global Aviation Summit 2018.

Huawei’s Smart Airport Solutions Drive Safety, Efficiency, and Services to Optimize the Travel Experience

Huawei’s booth at the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018 features a full range of airport scenarios, including terminal building safety and security, apron operations, and passenger experience. The scenarios highlight the capabilities of Huawei’s Smart Airport ICT solutions throughout the airport from flight flow to passenger flow.

Huawei booth at the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018

Airport Operational Safety: Huawei Smart Airport Visualized Safety Solution provides 4K intelligent cameras connected through a broadband video backhaul using agile Passive Optical Networks (PONs). The backend video cloud platform provides the scalability to host video surveillance images and videos as well as intelligent video analytics applications developed by Huawei’s partners. By using intelligent panoramic video surveillance technology, the solution enables the visualized safety management of airfields, terminal buildings, and public areas. Cameras with facial recognition technology help ensure the operational safety of terminal buildings and allow passengers to be identified throughout the terminal using a unique biometric token. The solution delivers smooth and simplified processes to greatly enhance the overall safety of the airport and the passenger experience.

Airport Operational Efficiency: Huawei Smart Airport Visualized Operations Solution features an eLTE wireless network for transmission of voice, video and data including IoT-based narrowband data. Based on Huawei’s Integrated Communications Platform (ICP), the solution provides unified access to multiple communications such as eLTE broadband communication, videoconferencing and IP telephony. This improves operational efficiency and transforms ground handling services by allowing real-time assignment and reporting of tasks.

Huawei’s airport eLTE solution has been deployed by China’s Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport to enable digital ground handling services, which has significantly enhanced the productivity of its ground staff. Additionally, Huawei, with partners Crystone and Oviphone, provides an airport cloud platform featuring IoT and Big Data analytics. The platform assists airport personnel in managing apron navigational lighting, locating and tracking powered and non-powered vehicles, and monitoring the airport terminal environment, which has improved the efficiency of the airport’s asset management.

Ultimate Service Experience: Huawei, in collaboration with 7G and other partners, provides reliable and agile airport campus networks. Leveraging Location-Based Services (LBS) over Wi-Fi, video surveillance and Big Data analytics, Huawei optimizes the passenger experience by enabling self-service, indoor navigation, and commercial promotion in terminal buildings for passengers.

Huawei is committed to becoming the preferred digital transformation partner of aviation industry customers. With 20 years of experience in the civil aviation industry, Huawei has provided ICT products, solutions, and services for more than 50 airports, airlines, and air traffic control authorities, including more than 15 global airports with more than 30 million annual passengers. For example, Huawei and Dubai Airport recently completed the construction of the world’s first Tier III certified Modular Data Center Complex (MDCC) at Dubai International Airport, supporting the airport’s rapid growth and complex operations.