Huawei Debuts ‘Any Media Giga Access Platform’ to Drive Access Strategy for Operators

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Huawei has launched its Any Media Giga Access Platform that allows operators to make full use of the various access media on their existing networks to quickly deploy gigabit-capable ultra-broadband (Gigaband) networks with unified architectures, software, and management.

Broadband networks are moving from the 100M level to giga-level access at the home as 4K TV, virtual reality, holographic imaging, and other new bandwidth-hungry services emerge. All-optical network is the optimal medium for Gigaband.

However, in some regions, exclusive use of optical fiber to build gigabit networks requires huge investment and ROW acquisition, and the time needed for the rollout tends to be long. This trade-off means the time it takes to pay for this infrastructure investment is often protracted.

Enter the Huawei Any Media Giga Access Platform able to support fiber, copper, coax, combined fixed and mobile access methods. The innovative new tech going into the platform provides the way to the Gigaband era with ultra-broadband network enablement.

“The impressive rate of development in ultra-HD video, virtual reality, Smart Home, and other services is moving broadband networks from the 100M-level to the giga-level,” said Zha Jun, President of Huawei’s Fixed Network Product Line, “Huawei’s Any Media Giga Access Platform can make full use of existing copper, coax, and fiber resources to help operators achieve their Gigaband strategies early on, in order to provide a better user experience and achieve even greater commercial success. Huawei continues to stay on the gas with its technological innovations into the field and contributions into the industrial chain.”

As a global leader in ultra-broadband, Huawei’s continued innovation has yielded substantive results. In fiber optics, Huawei has shipped more than 100 million FTTH ONT units and as the market share leader, has helped the FTTH industry to achieve higher penetration rate.

In copper line, Huawei was the first to finish commercial field trials in Switzerland and recently completed long-distance field testing in the UK. In the field of coaxial cables, Huawei’s distributed DOCSIS 3.1 D-CCAP solution was the first to complete CableLabs testing and was also the first solution to pass commercial testing and field trials in Denmark and New Zealand.

The Huawei fixed and mobile convergence solution helps customers boost bandwidth for improved user experience and ensure higher levels of network protection.

In addition to gigabit-capable ultra-broadband pipes, Huawei’s Giga Access Platform provides the bandwidth to power Smart Home, all-optic campus, U-vMOS monitoring of video viewing quality, virtual access management, and other intelligence services. Huawei empowers operators with the means to construct a better connected experience with gigabit-capable offerings.