Huawei Cloud launches Internet strategy for Latin America


Recently, Huawei Cloud hosted the COMPASS Latin America Internet Summit 2022. With the theme “Everything as a Service: Navigating New Growth”, COMPASS draws inspiration from one of four Greatest Inventions of Ancient China.

Since ancient times, the compass has been instrumental in guiding human exploration and advances in economics and culture. It aligns with Huawei Cloud ‘s quest to map new frontiers in the Latin American Internet sector.

For Infrastructure as a Service, Huawei Cloud and its partners operate 65 Availability Zones in 27 geographic regions, serving more than 170 countries and regions. Currently, Huawei Cloud operates three main regions in Chile , Brazil and Mexico, two country regions in Argentina and Peru , and a total of eight AZs in Latin America.  Huawei Cloud is the service provider with the largest number of nodes in Latin America and stable, efficient and low latency services.

For Technology as a Service, Huawei Cloud has launched more than 220 cloud services and 210 solutions worldwide, serving customers, partners and developers across all industries. In Latin America, Huawei Cloud focuses on cloud-native services and data intelligence. It offers products and services such as K8s, DevOps, Cloud Native, and GaussDB, as well as ModelArts Pro, a complete AI development platform that supports machine learning, training, and inference.

For Expertise as a Service, Huawei Cloud delves deeper into industries such as fintech, e-commerce, logistics, multimedia entertainment, and online instruction. Huawei Cloud also shares its successful experience and best practices from China ‘s Internet industry . This helps local businesses learn from China ‘s journey to grow faster with Huawei Cloud .

In 2022, Huawei Cloud will deepen cloud-to-cloud collaboration. The company will partner with Internet companies on features, operations, trade promotion and content fronts. The synergy between clouds will help Internet companies reach new heights, while giving small businesses a head start on their cloud journey and agile innovation for greater success.

Fernando Liu, President of Huawei Cloud Latin America , announced Huawei Cloud ‘s Internet strategy in Latin America. He stated that, in the future, the growth of the Internet sector in Latin America will be driven by the fintech, e-learning, e-commerce and entertainment sectors. “Education is the cornerstone of society and cultivates talent from various sectors. E-commerce and entertainment are two major drivers of economic growth in Latin America. In addition, fintech has become the engine of these emerging sectors, making consumption personal and the most convenient business transactions.

Fernando Liu summarized the Huawei Cloud strategy in Latin America in a suggestive formula – e * FE3, where E verything as a Service empowers the fintech , e ntertainment (Entertainment), e commerce (Electronic Commerce) and e ducation (Education ) sectors. ). Huawei Cloud will move forward to navigate new growth and work to contribute to a thriving internet industry in the region.

Currently, Huawei Cloud is one of the top five clouds in the world. Its market share is second in China and fourth in Latin America. Additionally, as one of the fastest growing clouds in Latin America, Huawei Cloud saw a 103% increase in customers and a 91% increase in partners in Latin America in 2021.

In 2022, Huawei Cloud will continue to increase investment to facilitate new growth for local Internet companies and deliver better technologies and services to customers, expanding its pursuit of offering everything as a service in Latin America to Latin America.