Huawei, Chinasoft International Debut Financial Big Data Smart Application Solution


During Huawei’s Global FSI Summit held in Shanghai, Huawei and Chinasoft International released the Financial Big Data Smart Application Solution.

This solution will simplify data collection and processing in the financial domain, helping financial providers better understand their customers, improve user loyalty, reduce customer TCO, and maximize business value.

With the development of big data technologies, the financial industry is constantly changing with the times. Leveraging forward-looking technologies, real-time analysis and statistics methods, and powerful internal data governance, helping financial enterprises transform while bringing more efficient and precise business services to consumers.

Chinasoft International and Huawei’s Financial Big Data Smart Application Solution is based on Huawei’s GaussDB 200 and FusionInsight HD converged architecture. It replaces the Teradata data warehouse to build a big data platform and supports various device attributes, maximizing customers’ existing hardware. The GausDB 200 provides standard SQL interfaces to allow users to access GaussDB and Hadoop data at the same time. High flexibility helps customers save software and hardware investments, shorten adaptation time, and improve benefits from multiple dimensions.

Meanwhile, this solution combines Chinasoft International’s precision marketing and 360-degree customer application to help customers build an integrated data lake solution and build a secure, sustainable, and scalable financial big data ecosystem. Being able to mine structured/ unstructured data such as user information and user transaction behavior, process and integrate the data, comprehensively depict user profiles, generate customized reports, and provide a basis for service analysis and decision-making and marketing activity planning, will ultimately provide better services for customers.

Vincent Zhu, Vice GM of SEA, Overseas LOB, CSI Interfusion Sdn Bhd, MNC BG said: “At present, the global financial industry is entering the era of intelligent technology and facing unprecedented profound changes. The transformation and development of the financial industry is independent of technical support such as big data, artificial intelligence, and block chain.

“Chinasoft International is a global software and information technology service enterprise, Huawei has maintained close cooperation with the Fortune Global 500 globally. This joint venture with Huawei’s financial Big Data smart application solution will become a powerful tool for customers’ digital transformation and help customers promote business model transformation and improve user experience of global consumers.”

“At present, we have accumulated rich experience in successful practices in the finance industry. With multiple advanced technologies and innovative ideas, Chinasoft International can build a full-stack digital financial service that is closer to consumers’ habits and experience,” said Yan Pangyong, General Manager of FSI Solutions, IT Product Line, Huawei.

“In terms of Internet finance, mobile payment, risk management, big data application, decision-making platform, and distributed micro service architecture, we have made more innovations in products and completed multiple lighthouse projects. In the future, Huawei will continue to work with Chinasoft International to expand solutions based on market changes and customer requirements, and provide technical support for global customers.”

Huawei Enterprise’s “Platform + AI + Ecosystem” strategy focuses on cooperation with partners to provide ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive intelligence for government and enterprise customers. In addition, Huawei delivers a digital platform that integrates various new ICT to help customers complete their digital transformation. Currently, more than 700 cities around the world, and 211 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, including 48 of the top 100, have selected Huawei Enterprise as their partner in digital transformation.

Huawei has continued to work with top financial institutions, research institutes, and independent software developers worldwide to accelerate the transformation of financial institutions. The company currently serves more than 1000 financial institutions, including 20 of the world’s top 50 banks.

The 2019 Huawei Global FSI Summit was held in Shanghai from April 24 to 25 with the theme of “Holistic Digital Transformation, Taking the Pulse of Smart Finance.” Huawei Global FSI Summit is a global ICT event hosted by Huawei and focused on the financial industry. It was founded in 2013, all participants were from the industry elite of the financial industry.