Huawei, China Mobile Release Mobile VPN Solution


During the Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week, Huawei and China Mobile Guangdong jointly released the Mobile VPN solution. With this solution, enterprise users can securely access the Internet and campus intranet anytime and anywhere.

Mobile VPN makes mobile office more flexible and helps build a more digital and information-based campus. These advantages make Mobile VPN an optimal choice for campus dedicated networks.

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In the information era, demands have surged for remote intranet access, online video conferences, and online courses. When a user accesses the campus intranet through the conventional VPN solutions, user traffic is detoured through the Internet. This may result in network congestion during peak hours. Also, the network connection is slow and login process complex, severely affecting user experience and productivity.

The Mobile VPN solution harnesses operators’ 5G networks for data transmission. It addresses users’ demands by providing a dedicated network that connects users with the campus intranet directly. Users can securely access enterprise intranets anytime and anywhere, improving productivity. Mobile VPN provides better user experience than conventional VPN solutions that detour user traffic through the Internet.

The downlink network throughput is increased by more than 10 times. It also simplifies connection to campus intranets, so that users can seamlessly switch between the Internet and intranet without repeated logins. Meanwhile, it establishes direct and reliable UE-intranet connection to avoid security risks.

Richard Liu, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, said that as 5.5G is coming, one public network for all gradually evolves to dedicated networks for industries. This evolution facilitates 5G digital transformation and convergent innovation. Mobile VPN is an innovative application for dedicated networks, leading us to a more convenient and efficient future.

Ge Lei, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Guangdong, said that Huawei and China Mobile Guangdong piloted the Mobile VPN solution in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Through this solution, 5G is integrated into the campus network. Students can access both the Internet and intranet freely without changing their cards and numbers. Mobile VPN is faster and more secure, redefining access to the intranet and Internet and empowering the campus digital transformation. Besides this, Mobile VPN can be widely used in public services, remote office, and campus management.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue innovating with industry partners, bringing more convenience to people’s work and life and driving the digital transformation of more industries.

Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week is held in Shenzhen from July 18 to July 22. Huawei and global operators, industry elites, and KOLs will discuss trending topics such as 5.5G, green development, computing network, and digital transformation, to achieve a win-win future for the digital economy.