HTC, Kaohsiung City Launch 5G SA Private Network in Taiwan


HTC, an innovator in 5G, smartphones and virtual reality, today jointly announced with the Kaohsiung City Government the official launch 5G Standalone Architecture Private Network and Edge Cloud VR Solution, setting a new standard for global 5G private networks.

Installed in Kaohsiung’s ‘KOSMOSPOT x VIVELAND’ development zone, the first field of 5G private network that is now open to Taiwan consumers and enterprises.

5G Innovations

HTC is committed to establish an industrial ecosystem for 5G, and has developed industry-leading 5G Standalone Architecture Network technology, as well as advanced and complete end-to-end enterprise private network solutions for 5G delivery. Today’s successful launch will drive the digital transformation of domestic hardware and software industries, and assist the Kaohsiung City Government achieve its vision of “Transforming Kaohsiung City Into a 5G AIoT Technology Smart City and Asia’s New Bay Area.”

Kaohsiung City Government, which won an IDC Smart Cities Asia Pacific Award last year, has made every effort to promote the development of 5G AIoT. The Mayor of Kaohsiung City, Chen Chi-Mai, who is committed to accelerating the transformation of the Kaohsiung economy, commented: “Kaohsiung is the only main city designated by the Central Government to promote the somatosensory technology industry. We are committed to transforming Kaohsiung into a 5G AIoT technology smart city and Asia’s New Bay Area. Today, we are very happy to announce that we have established a field that is Taiwan’s first open to the pubic “5G Standalone Architecture Private Network and Edge Cloud VR Solution” in Kaohsiung, creating an epoch-making 5G milestone.”

Mayor Chen added: “Kaohsiung is making progress. The launch of Taiwan’s first open to the public 5G Standalone Architecture Private Network field confirms that Kaohsiung is ready to provide a safe, stable and high-speed 5G environment for the industry, and provide companies with a field that can improve operational efficiency. In the future, we will work with partners in the Asia New Bay Area ‘Kaohsiung Multi-Functional Economic and Trade Park’ to drive nearly NTD 30 billion in investment and NTD 120 billion in output value. The development project is critical to the transformation and development of Kaohsiung, where the next generation of industries will converge in the south of Taiwan, in Kaohsiung, and drive domestic manufacturers to look outwards to the world.”

Chen Wen-Chi, Company Director of HTC, said: “5G brings breakthrough innovations and changes, allowing unprecedented new technologies to enter our lives and business applications. For a long time, HTC has been committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, XR, AI, and Blockchain together. HTC creates extraordinary value and rich and profound experiences for people and businesses, realizing a better life, and a safer, more efficient and smarter environment. HTC is honored to work together with the Kaohsiung City Government to accelerate 5G adoption and the development of smart applications in Kaohsiung City. The implementation of the Smart 5G Standalone Architecture Private Network Field going public in the Asia New Bay 5G AIoT Innovation Park will jointly drive Kaohsiung’s transformation into a technology and smart city, and set a new benchmark for global 5G private networking.”

The 5G private network that supports complete terminal applications needing large bandwidth, such as real-time video monitoring, multi-player connection, XR, 4K, 8K video and audio application scenarios
The 5G Private Network Field operated by HTC and the Kaohsiung City Government is based on HTC’s enterprise-class 5G Standalone Architecture Network (SA) technology and advanced and complete end-to-end enterprise private network solutions. These were combined with HTC’s remote streaming software platform and management services, edge computing technology, 5G networking software that meets open architecture standards, a full set of highly secure network protection mechanisms, and an extensive range of XR service solutions that can achieve high transmission, low latency and wide connectivity of 5G private network environment.

HTC’s 5G Standalone Architecture private network and Edge Cloud VR solutions can clear the bottleneck encountered by enterprise applications in the past, and provides enterprises with a complete 5G solution with low build cost, minimal space requirements, and a high degree of vertical integration and modular services. Additionally, it can support various bandwidth-hungry terminal applications, such as real-time video monitoring, multi-player connection, XR, 4K, 8K video and audio applications. This allows companies to rapidly build up a high-speed, stable and safe 5G corporate environment to improve operational performance and the safety of employees, such as factory education simulation training, VR multi-player education, implementation and collaborative cloud management education systems, and more.

Promoting innovative applications of 5G and XR in Kaohsiung, and encouraging digital transformation of domestic manufacturers
HTC has been working with the Kaohsiung City Government since 2018 to jointly promote the innovative application of somatosensory technology, and carry out programs such as talent cultivation, business matching, international cooperation, and front stores with industry integration planning. In 2021, HTC and Kaohsiung City Government worked together to promote 5G and XR-related applications, which will drive new changes in the digital and technology industry in Kaohsiung, and open up more new business opportunities in the 5G innovative smart application market. Looking forward, HTC will also assist the city government to keep enterprises and talents in Kaohsiung to establish robust domestic development in Taiwan and promote an outward-looking environment.

HTC and Kaohsiung City Government jointly established the 5G Standalone Architecture Private Network and Edge Cloud VR Solution in cooperation with the domestic manufacturers Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), Ufispace, TransNet, and the Institute for Information Industry (III), working together for domestic 5G proliferation, and contributing to the future development of the 5G hardware and software industry in Taiwan.