Hrvatski Telekom Picks Nokia to Drive Network Monetization

Hrvatski Telekom

Nokia has announced that its Converged Charging software solution has been selected by Hrvatski Telekom to help the Croatian operator modernize on-line charging and better harness network monetization opportunities that can unlock new revenue streams.

The deal expands Nokia’s partnership with Hrvatski Telekom, which already uses a variety of other Nokia products, including its Voice Core and other software applications.

As a containerized, microservices-based solution, Nokia Converged Charging (NCC) will provide real-time rating and charging of voice, data, and SMS/MMS services used by Hrvatski Telekom prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

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NCC uses a charging configurator that utilizes an intuitive business user interface to quickly create new pricing and market offers, reducing the time required to on-board new customers and tap new commercial opportunities.

Hrvatski Telekom Picks Nokia

Nokia’s charging solutions support leading communication service providers and over 1 billion subscribers globally.

Boris Drilo, CTO at Hrvatski Telekom, said: “Working with Nokia and its NCC solution provides Hrvatski Telekom with an agile and configurable monetization solution to ultimately allow us to better meet our customers’ growing network application demands and generate new revenue streams.”

Erez Sverdlov, Vice President, Cloud and Network Services Market Leader, Europe at Nokia, said: “We are very pleased to be supporting Hrvatski Telekom with new capabilities in order to drive network monetization opportunities. NCC gives communication service providers more control over their software applications environment while increasing time to market in a cost-effective manner.”