How Will 5G Affect Mobile Online Casinos?


5G development and technology is a topic that has been trending since 2020. Different countries worldwide are in various stages of its rollout. Everyone, especially those in the online casino trade, is excited to see what new opportunities it will bring to the table. 

Regions around the globe are reporting a surge in popularity for online casinos. In Hungary, casino houses have reported a decline in floor numbers in favour of online options such as

Since regulating online casinos in 2013, Hungary has grown from just a handful of operators to more than 200 in 2020. gclub is a great online casino option that delivers online slots,
baccarat, etc and it is easy to play via mobile a well phone.

Interest in online casinos, especially during current circumstances, has grown exponentially. What does 5G mean, and how will the influence of 5G technology affect the online gaming and casino industry? Our expert here, Sylvia Sultés, helps us answer this question.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation offering wireless networks and technology. The speed is considered to be faster than 4G by at least 100 times and can reach speeds of 100Gigs per second. One of the most common complaints from online casino players (whether making use of PCs or mobile devices) is the speed at which the game or site runs. 

5G technology will put an end to slow running games with the incredible speed that it can transfer data. The latency is also considerably lower than that on 4G, eradicating the frustrating issue of constant buffering. A site’s speed can be further slowed down when it is busy. Because of the vast increase in speed with 5G, this will be something of the past.

What About Mobile Users?

People are using their mobile phones now, more than ever. From banking to entertainment, more apps are being made accessible for mobile devices. Mobile users will be especially pleased about the benefits 5G can offer its customer base. 

Due to this new technology, online casinos will need to ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly because more customers will have access to online platforms. Due to this, 5G will force land casinos to provide a “mobile casino” option to stay relevant. In addition, you may even find that more land-based casinos will start offering a mobile option to keep up with the advancing technology.

Gaming Design

As it currently stands, most online sites are optimized to accommodate 4G, which has its limitations. This means that online gaming and casino developers may have to relook at the design of current games to optimize the user’s 5G experience.

Advantages of 5G for Online Gaming

  • Accessibility

With both a greater demand for games going online, as well as more people making use of hand-held devices, players will have greater access to a more extensive selection of games.

  • Upgrade of games and graphics

4G restrictions had previously limited developers, but the new realm of 5G allows upgrading of the types of games offered and the graphics that accompany them.

  • Better deals and special

More options for players mean greater competition between the best online casinos. To attract a new player base or maintain its existing one, casinos will have to offer competitive sign-up deals and bonuses.


Internet users have never experienced the speed connectivity that 5G presents, which is exciting! We still do not know all of the possibilities that it represents, but online casinos are transitioning with this technological evolution. Real-time slots and games will bring the excitement of a casino floor to your online device.