How Wi-Fi Can Power Communication Fabric for IoT CSPs


Just like today we have communication service providers (CSPs) focusing their effort towards connecting smartphones, tablets and other mobility devices, in the very near future – there will be a new breed of CSPs operating in the realm of Internet of Things or IoT and connecting a huge number of devices and Wi-Fi will play a key role in enabling seamless communication.

Whether it is Bharti Airtel in India or Singtel in Singapore, Turkcell in Turkey or AIS in Thailand – today’s telecom operators and CSPs will have to create a unique strategy to enable an IoT CSP model wherein they provide seamless connectivity to IoT ecosystems.


The Internet of Everything (IoE) isone of the most exciting waves of innovation the world has witnessed, and its potential has only just begun to emerge. As more and more devices and objects are enabled with Wi-Fi, telecom networks are getting transformed to better handle such new age communication ecosystems.

While IoT represents a new wave of innovation – the economic potential of the Internet of Everything is boundless, presenting a vast range of opportunities across a variety of sectors of the economy. When connectivity gives a new meaning to productivity, consumers will use smart home and automotive applications to monitor, protect, and control their home environments, to maintain their health, and to stay connected to home and work when on the go.

On the other hand, a mix of IoT and Wi-Fi will be used by the enterprises and small businesses to deliver highly personalized services for their customers, and drive new efficiencies into their operations and develop entirely new business models enabled by IoE applications.

In such a scenario, Government can collect revenue and monitor mission critical transit, public safety, and sanitation systems using such IoT enabled communication systems. Similarly, industrial and commercial facilities will improve their efficiency through IoT applications as well.

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