How Vodafone NZ is working towards an IoT enabled future


The Internet of Things (IoT) is something many New Zealanders still haven’t wrapped their head around but the use of IoT systems is set to help build a greener, more efficient Aotearoa. IoT solutions represent systems in which different devices and sensors talk directly to data collection platforms through a mobile internet connection, reducing the need for human actions while recording real time data insights.

A really great use case for this is smart water meters, a system WaterCare is rolling out in Auckland currently. Smart water meters collect real time data, meaning residents can be more aware of their water usage, compared with being manually checked every two months by a WaterCare technician. Without smart meters, if there is a leak on a resident’s property, they may not know about it for months at a time, which is detrimental on a macro scale when considering Auckland has faced “extremely dry” summers for the past two years – though water restrictions have been avoided.

This has clear positive impacts on the environment, as it allows residents to make better informed decisions about their water and power usage beyond simply guessing.

These smart water meters work on narrowband IoT (Nb IoT) networks, something Vodafone NZ launched three years ago and expanded geographic coverage in earlier this year. Nb IoT is perfect for smart water meters because this network spectrum requires a lot less electricity and smart water meters typically run off batteries. This means by using our Nb IoT network, smart water meters can run efficiently for ten years or more, meaning less operational costs on maintenance.

Vodafone NZ also work hand in hand with internationally renowned smart metering and energy management company Landis+Gyr, building on the global partnership the companies sealed in 2020 to deliver IoT communication solutions.

“To accelerate the adoption of digital technologies for a sustainable future, we have built strong partnerships and developed new solutions. By leveraging Vodafone New Zealand’s network to deliver an innovative and reliable IoT offering, together we provide turnkey connectivity solutions that enable speed to market for water utilities. The IoT solution also ensures a future-ready system, allowing seamless transition to 5G networks when needed,” said David Maclean, Vice President, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, Landis+Gyr.

Since 1896, Landis+Gyr has helped utility companies and end-users alike manage energy better with their advanced metering and smart infrastructure technology. When combined with Vodafone’s award-winning mobile network, we can create a more efficient, greener New Zealand with these IoT solutions.

Lindsay Zwart, Chief Enterprise Officer commented, “A more awesome Aotearoa can be enabled by more sophisticated use of IoT systems and devices. Vodafone’s best in test network, as awarded by international benchmarker umlaut, is perfect for these devices. We’ve also had narrowband IoT availability for three years, which speaks to our experience in the IoT space.