How virtual reality is one of the few escapes during this lockdown

Virtual Reality

VR headsets offer an alternative to escape, and a time to do so has never been more greatly needed than now. From global explorations or robot wars to virtual family reunions, VR is the new reality we are all in need of.

Now, in this current climate, there seems to be no way out. We stay at home most of the day and, if not, we venture going outside armed with almost post-apocalyptic tactics and street savvy, to make to the shops and return with your sanity intact and the kitty nibbles you had to risk your life for.

Reality is changing and maybe we were geared up for this all along…

Coming to terms with the reality of things

Right now, make a list of the things you missed the most in your life before the incident of lockdown. From this list, you may actually be able to do some of those tasks in virtual reality. From traveling abroad to playing sports. From speaking with a friend and even shopping, all of this is possible if you are ready to wear headphones and a headset.

VR technology for consumers is still imperfect, but has greatly improved and very quickly in the past two years. The most advanced headphones are the HTC Vive (or the most suitable variant for the living room, the Cosmos, from  $500), the Valve Index ($920) and the Oculus Rift S ($400), all with a high screen definition, exceptional reactivity and monitoring controllers that are complicated but expensive and must be connected to a high-end PC.

There are several alternatives, such as the PlayStation VR device connected to the PSVR lenses and PS4 console that offers a high-quality resolution experience, with a variety of games, including the Astro Bot Rescue Mission platform and the epic space exploration simulator, No Man’s Sky.

Where VR gaming will led us

The promise of virtual reality technology is to leave your current environment and enter a whole new state where different realities completely absorb you. You don’t have to be a genius to see how this technology can win in online games and the first users that started using this new technology.

So where will it lead us? Well, there is one big market and industry that is all lined up and ready to make the shift and dynamic change to customer service – online gaming. For more information regarding this, you can head to to find all the best platforms online to experience the future of gameplay.

Interestingly, SlotsMillion was one of the first online casinos to introduce virtual reality technology, way back in 2015. This casino offered an incredible gaming experience where you can go to a virtual casino and enjoy the feeling of playing slot machine games adapted to virtual reality.

There has also been a rapid development in the competition to develop a fully functional virtual reality poker room into one of the true online games that technology can benefit from.

The ability to mix virtual reality technology with online gaming is virtually limitless. Social casino games like roulette and poker can have a whole new life if they are enhanced by virtual reality.

Imagine an online VR game where you can play as an animated avatar against online friends as if you were in a traditional casino? Or even being able to read the expression on your opponent’s face at the poker table?

What about playing a sporting event and being able to really “watch” a match or competition? Take your VR headset anywhere in the crowd? The combination of this fascinating technology and online gaming offers so many potential benefits that it is not surprising that developers are pushing current technology to the limit to achieve these incredible virtual dreams.

Post-Covid-19 recovery

By removing the clumpy PCs we grew up with, the world of gaming now opens up to the possibility of virtual reality as a normal home entertainment option. This means that you can sit on the sofa (or in bed) and explore the room or climb the mountains while your partner is watching TV.

In the past two weeks, there has clearly been a spike in sales of products, consumer goods that have us focused on Netflix, Amazon and general gaming, even the online casinos hit the highest peak in demand since 1996. We were not interested in fitness and yoga classes via YouTube, if we’re going out via a global pandemic, then it may as well be done with a bit of fun beforehand.

So, what is VR gaming like? At first, it is quite boring, but once you get used to it, you feel physically present in the world, which is perfect for virtual travel apps and multi-directional games like Robo Recall. The head tracking cycle also aims to reduce exercise-related illnesses by reducing the gap between the activity being studied and our bodily feeling of where it is and what it is doing. (There are also pedals to control the floats, although some games currently support this feature.)

Now, you don’t need to go all out on this, the revolving and rotating chair is one for the kids. The VR games being produced are enough in themselves to provide a new worldly experience. This is the new holy grail, grasp it with both VR gloves and immerse yourself completely!