How Veego is Enabling Perfected Internet Experience


Veego Software, an Israel-based startup that perfects the internet experience in the connected home through the application of AI and other innovative technologies, has announced that its light-weight Veego Agent is able to reside non-intrusively in legacy and new routers and other Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) like extenders and mesh networks.

Once deployed in such equipment, all of Veego’s advanced solutions for Customer Experience and Customer Support become available to Internet Service Providers, opening new vistas in positive customer engagement.

Network Infrastructure

Veego’s unique software-delivery approach enables Internet Service Providers and CPE manufacturers to integrate its Agent quickly and painlessly with their current and future routers and CPE. Working under the universal Linux operating system and all major chipsets, the Veego Agent delivers its vast array of innovative capabilities via any access technologies like xDSL, Cable, Fiber, LTE, Fixed Wireless, and more. The Veego Agent is a lightweight, breakthrough AI solution that does not rely on resource-heavy Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). It requires only minimal resources in terms of CPU, RAM, and flash memory, and can perform unobtrusively in the most advanced as well as legacy equipment.

“We have boosted the value of all CPE in the connected home, enabling quick and simple adoption of Veego’s breakthrough solutions by ISPs, including those who support a variety of routers in their installed base,” stated Reffael Caspi, Chief Product Officer. “ISPs are able to implement the Agent with or without CPE manufacturer involvement.”

The Veego Agent can be deployed as a traditional software process working non-intrusively within the router alongside other processes. It can also be deployed as a container, enabling an additional level of protection and security.

Caspi declared, “Now, we can integrate quickly with just about any modern or even legacy router or other CPE. In most cases, ISPs and CPE manufacturers can simply download our Agent and see it working on their own equipment in just a few minutes.”

The Veego Agent has already been integrated with more than 10 leading CPE brands, 50 models and all major chipsets.

Installed within routers, mesh networks, extenders and other CPE in the home, the Veego Agent endows Internet Service Providers with real-time visibility into internet-connected devices and consumed services operating in any subscriber home. Continuously monitoring performance, the Agent carefully measures the quality of experience (QoE) of each and every user within the context of the service being consumed.

Upon noticing degradation in QoE relevant to any specific service, the Agent automatically finds the root cause of problems anywhere along the service-delivery chain from the device and service executing in the home, over the WiFi, within any CPE, out onto the Internet and even up to and including cloud servers like Netflix, Zoom and Fortnite.

ISPs deploy Veego to help them measure the quality of Customer Experience in all service-chain components within and beyond the home at all times. Veego solutions also include extensive, automatic Customer Care capabilities that fix problems remotely even before users experience them. Veego also supplies ISPs with a Data Lake that includes device and service performance data, user experience data, event data, demographics and much more.

The Veego Agent is commercially available to ISPs and CPE manufacturers who are invited to contact Veego for instructions for quick implementation on their own equipment both in lab settings and within subscriber homes.