How to Top-Up your Mobile Using TelPug


TelPug is the best way to top up your mobile credits. The trusty pug will be there every step of the mobile top-up process, making it hassle free for you!

What is TelPug?

TelPug is a telecommunication company that specialises in providing customers with mobile top-up services. The company aims to keep everyone connected by giving them the means to reload their mobile with call credits and internet data anywhere in the world. TelPug’s send-a-mobile-credit feature is especially helpful for those who want to help someone out by sending prepaid credits.

The Step by Step Process

Reloading your mobile credits or sending a mobile top-up to your loved ones is easy with TelPug! Here are the steps:

Create a TelPug Account

Signing up for a TelPug account is simple. You just need to input the following details:

  • Country
  • Mobile Number
  • First Name, Last Name
  • Email
  • Password

After creating a TelPug account, you can reload fast! Without having to input your name and other details over again, you can proceed directly to your mobile top-up.

Choose Your Mobile Credit Package

Choosing your reload package is as easy as clicking on the tile that corresponds to the top-up amount you want. VAT details are also indicated per tile, ensuring that you will never pay more than the amount you select.

Confirmation & Checkout

After confirming the total amount of mobile or internet credit, you will be redirected to a checkout page. Here, you will have to choose the alternative payment method you are comfortable to pay with.

The moment your payment goes through, you will receive a notification of successful payment.

Receive Phone Credits

After receiving the successful payment notification, you will receive your mobile top-up. This instant service is what makes the TelPug’s top-up very convenient. In turn, this convenience is why they have many repeat customers.

Mobile Top-Up Made Easy

A quick visit to shows that the user interface has been designed to allow for easy navigation. The simple visuals and easy-to-locate buttons enable even the least technologically savvy to use the service.

TelPug’s transparent fee breakdown offers a more trustworthy experience for all customers. Further, their real time notifications, as well as the offering of alternative payment methods at checkout, increases transaction security.

Bearing the cute face of a Pug, this telecommunications company will help you stay connected with all your loved ones while offering such a friendly experience!