How to Stop Unwanted Calls


We all have that one instance where we received an unknown call. Sometimes, it could be a friend or family member trying to reach you; alternatively, it could be a scammer or a telemarketer trying to make your life even harder.

Many people, when they receive such calls, tend to think about blocking these numbers from calling or sending them text messages again. 

But do not worry. You are not alone. Most phone owners complain of the same; thus, we will show you how you can stop these unwanted calls from ever reaching you again in this article. We also show you how to solve this problem using a reverse phone lookup known as CocoFinder.

Why you are receiving an unknown call

Unknown callers can be annoying. They can spoil your day in one instance, especially if they have ill motives, or if they do not want to identify themselves. But before you think about blocking these phone calls, think about who is calling first.

It could be a relative or a friend who is trying to communicate something important using another phone. They could have also been using a new phone number.

Now, if these are some of the reasons why you are receiving an unknown call, then you should think about your decisions first.

On the other hand, the caller could be a scammer or a telemarketer trying to make your life difficult. These people sometimes have modern tools to hide their real numbers, which makes it a challenge to block them.

We have the right tool for you

If they are using those high technology tools, then we have a solution for you. Regardless of what they use, you can use CocoFinder  to know their identity. The website offers a reliable reverse phone lookup that you can use in such instances. 

CocoFinder has more than one million users. Besides that, online brands such as Forbes, Top 10 Reviews, and iGeeksBlog, recommend the reverse phone lookup because of its proficiency.

Using such tools, as CocoFinder  notes, gives you all the answers you need before you decide to block someone.

How to use CocoFinder 

People fear to use technology because they do not know their way around it. For CocoFinder , things are different. The site is easy to use. You do not need much education or tutorials to be able to use it. 

If you sincerely want to discover who has been contacting you, then the first thing is to go to the CocoFinder  reverse phone lookup section. Reverse phone lookup section is best for people who have a phone number but no identity.

Copy and paste the phone number in the form found on the top of this page. Then, click search. CocoFinder  users can testify that the site provides automatic searches quickly. Hence, you will have the results within a few minutes. 

Some of the details you will find within the report include:

  • The full name of the owner
  • Address number 
  • Other phone numbers that they own
  • Email addresses
  • Social media profiles and
  • Relatives and friends

Why CocoFinder  is the best

The reverse phone lookup service is the best because:

  • It assures its users of privacy
  • CocoFinder  is free. No need to register
  • They have an extensive database that also ensures quick results
  • They have a fully functional customer care team
  • CocoFinder  is easy to use and very reliable
  • It offers accurate results most of the time

After knowing the identity of the caller

Once you identify the caller, the next thing is to decide whether you will call them back or block them. Blocking those callers helps you stop these calls from ever calling you again.

Every phone has the procedure it follows if you have to block them. You can consult the phone’s manual to learn how to do it, or you can ask the internet. 

The good thing about CocoFinder  is that the caller will not know if you search for them or not. It maintains full privacy.


Blocking someone does not an app. If they are contacting you using social media, do not worry. You can use the internal social media blocking function to block them from reaching you in the future.

Also, note that CocoFinder  does not block these calls. It helps you identify the caller without having to consult anyone or asking around.