How to Set Time Limits on Apps?


Smartphone apps are now an integral part of society, to the point that physical interaction is now a luxury. Moreover, with the recent social distancing protocols globally, society is now more reliant on app interactions.

As a result, there is increasing concern about the effects of excess screen time, particularly to the younger generation, andparents are looking for the way to set time limits on apps.

Well, in this article, we are going to show you how to set time limits on apps, including why using a third party app like KidsGuard is the surest way of ensuring your kid’s safety.

Can I Put a Time Limit on Apps?

Yes for sure, you can put a time limit on apps. You can use the in-built function of the phone to set a time limit on apps.

For example, you can use Apple screen time and Digital Wellbeing to set time limits for the devices.

However, sometimes, they are not very easy to use. For example, for the Apple screen time, you will need to enable the share across devices option if you want to set time limits across your family’s devices. Additionally, the tool has a learning curve, meaning it is not for the average user.

Moreover, you can use a powerful third party parental control app to set time limits on your kid’s phone. Generally, they are easy to use and also supports advanced functions more than only set time limits.

How to Set Time Limits on Your Kid’s Phone App?

As we mentioned above, directly using a powerful parental control app might be your best convenience choice.

Here we found the best parental control app, KidsGuard. It’s user-friendly and easy to use. Well, let’s check how to set time limits on your kid’s phone apps in 3 steps.

Step 1: Download “KidsGuard” from “Google Play” or “App Store” on your phone.

Step 2: Register a KidsGuard account on the app, and then follow the instruction to download KidsGuard (kids version) on your kid’s phone.

Note: KidsGuard (kids version) only supports Android device for now.

Step 3: Click the “App Block” function, and pick the apps that you want to set time limits for your kids. Then set the allowed access time for the app, so your kid can only access the app during the setting time.

What Can You Do with KidsGuard?

KidsGuard is your convenient method of how to set time limits on apps, thanks to its easy installation and user-friendly interface.

Additionally,  as the best parental control, excepting setting time limits on the kid’s phone, KidsGuard also provides you with other advanced features to ensure your kid’s online well-being.

1.     App Block

KidsGuard allows you to block compulsive apps that may sometimes feature inappropriate content. Additionally, it can monitor your kid’s usage of each app and notify you when they are near the set limits.

2.     Web Block

Some apps feature links that redirect to external websites that may not be age-appropriate. As such, you can use KidsGuard to block unsafe websites and only allow child-friendly web pages so that it can automatically keep kids away from viewing harmful web content.

3.     Capture and Lock Screen

Are your kids ignoring you for their smartphones? Find out what they are viewing using the KidsGuard capture screen feature. The tool takes a screenshot of the current display, which you can view on your dashboard. Furthermore, you can use the lock screen to prevent your kid from using the device after hours.

4.     Track Location in Real-Time

KidsGuard comes with real-time GPS, which tracks your kids’ device’s current location to make sure their safety. Additionally, you can also view the location history from the KidsGuard parent app.

5.     Set Geofences

Apart from tracking location in real-time, you can also set geofences to protect your kids by using KidsGuard. For example, you can configure the tool to send you alerts once your kid wanders off the area you have set.

6.     Call Filter

Robocalls are a menace for every smartphone user. The KidsGuard call filter feature allows you to block unsolicited calls from scammers and unknown callers so that scammers are unable to reach your kids.

7.     Activity Report

KidsGuard offers you round-the-clock activity monitoring and tracking for every linked device. As a result, you can view detailed activity reports from your dashboard. Reports are available daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your preference.

Why You Need to Set Time Limits on Your Kid’s Phone?

Now that you know how to set time limits on apps, here are reasons why you need to set time limits on your kid’s phone.

1.     It Prevents Screen Addiction

Setting time limits on apps is the best way to protect your kids from screen addiction. KidsGuard allows you to set specific screen times for each app on your kid’s phone, allowing them to participate in other essential activities.

For example, setting time limits on apps during school nights ensures your kids have time to finish their assignments.

2.      It Allows Your Family to Bond

When was the last time you had a family game night? Use KidsGuard to set time limits on apps during weekends to increase your family bonding through common events, such as a barbeque or movie night.

3.     It Helps Develop Essential Life Skills

Setting time limits on apps is important to develop essential life skills in your children. For example, they can use their off-screen time to pick up a hobby such as sports or interact with their peers.

As a result, they build their athleticism and learn communication skills, both important for a healthy lifestyle.


We believe that now you have found the best answer to how to set time limits on apps. Using a third-party parental control app like KidsGuard ensures your kid’s online well-being. Find out how to manage your screen time with KidsGuard – the best parental control tool.