How to Purchase Cryptocurrency LINK: Easy Steps


When thinking about crypto investments, it is crucial not to follow the massive hype but to know the best time to buy crypto. For example, the majority of people purchase digital coins when there is a buzz around it, when the market is reaching the moon, and asset rates skyrocket. However, that is the way to the following downtrend, when you buy coins at a high price, and they can drop at any moment. It would be wise to enter the market when prices are low, and most people leave it. Why? Because if you pick promising crypto assets and buy them at a low price, they will likely bring you a fortune when the market grows again.

How to pick a worthy crypto asset for investment? Here are some recommendations:

  • Do technical research on the asset – find out how valuable the technology is and what real applications it has. Also, see the price chart and how the rate behaves in different market trends.
  • Fundamental analysis – see what external factors can impact crypto and evaluate them.
  • Quantitative analysis – gathering the information from the two previous types of research, calculate indicators that will help you understand the point of buying an asset.

Let’s discuss one worthy crypto project – Chainlink and tell how to buy Chainlink.

What is LINK?

Chainlink is a platform enabling real-world companies to access all the benefits of smart contracts and blockchain. The platform is developed based on the Ethereum network and supports Ethereum, Solana and other popular blockchains, allowing companies to take advantage of all their benefits. For example, users can make agreements and wrap them in smart contracts that are reliable and transparent and are excluded when all the needed requirements are met.

LINK is a platform’s coin traded on all popular exchanges. Let’s see how to buy LINK.

How to Buy Crypto LINK?

We recommend using one of the largest crypto exchange platforms, WhiteBIT. Here are four simple steps on buying LINK:

  1. Register and pass KYC
  2. Deposit funds to your account (crypto or fiat)
  3. Go to the converter and pick LINK
  4. Pay the fee.

In a matter of seconds, LINK tokens will be delivered to your account. Learn more about crypto trading on the WhiteBIT blog.