How to Avoid Sportsbook Betting Scams this Holiday Season?


You Can Avoid Scam Sportsbook Sites with these Tips

There’s a ton of ways to make money online. In reality, some people have generated millions of dollars out of small investments through persistence and considerable planning. While many people in the US wish to spend some time trying to churn up profits through small holiday spending, most people forget that a lot of scammers and fraudsters are well-aware of it.

This holiday season, you don’t have to lose your precious savings to scam sportsbook websites. Rather, go through the list of top sportsbooks to choose from and learn how to avoid scam sites.

Saving Holiday Betting Money by Spotting Scams

On holidays, nothing beats the fun of having some leftover money and spending it on sportsbook lines to earn something extra on the side. But the biggest problem of holiday betting is the increase in scams and frauds around this time. Saving your betting money from the wrong sportsbook can not only let you keep your money, but also help you find the right online sportsbook to start.

Book-to-Book Transfer Interruptions

Quite commonly, sportsbooks allow book-to-book transfers from one sportsbook to another. This refers to the transfer of funds from one book to another for your convenience or any other online bettor. However, if the sportsbook that you have chosen doesn’t allow book-to-book transfers, it’s a clear bad sign. It means that other sportsbooks aren’t willing to associate with that sportsbook which gives it a bad reputation already.

Poor Customer Service

Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean you are going to keep calling, and someone’s going to answer on the other end with a rude face. No, the real reason why scam sportsbook sites have poor customer service is that there is no one on the other end to receive your call or answer your email. Since it’s only a scam, the people usually rip bettors off of their money and abandon them. So, when you keep calling, and no one answers nor on the phone or email, it’s a clear sign that you’re dealing with an illegitimate sportsbook.

Restricted Sportsbook License

Since all companies love to advertise and be one with the public during the holiday season, it’s quite uncommon to see bad advertisement banners that don’t seem to change at any time. A sportsbook that doesn’t seem to talk about holiday advertisements or doesn’t have any links to social media platforms raises a lot of red flags. If you find it difficult to see the authentic license of the sportsbook whether on the site or through customer reps, the company may be scamming you for your money.

Prolonged and Delayed Verification

Suppose you made a sports betting account to have some fun while earning profits through your favorite sports during the holiday season. If you notice that it keeps getting audited, it’s a sign of something fishy. Only a scamming sportsbook site will delay the verification and withdrawal process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Does a scam sportsbook site keep asking for balance top-ups?

An unusually high number of balance top-up alerts means that the sportsbook is trying to scam you by encouraging you to increase the money in your account.

Do withdrawals get delayed with scam sportsbook sites?

Surely, a scamming sportsbook will never let you leave happily with your risky earnings.