How Technology is Driving the Future of Social Media


AI, AR, IoT, Blockchain and RFID are driving future-proof innovations for social media segment

Technology has penetrated almost every nook and corner of our lives, and social media is one of the biggest areas where it is gaining importance. And it is technologies such as AI, AR, IoT and blockchain that are driving innovation and delivering future-proof experience for users.

With the help of deployment of latest technologies – today, social media has become an all pervasive medium for millennials who turn on to their social handles for getting almost everything – from the latest in entertainment, news, travel, to the latest shopping experience.

Key Technologies Driving the Future of Social Media

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or simply known as AI is the most important component of every social media platform available today. Right usage of AI is driving a lot of innovative experience in the social media space.

Facebook utilizes advanced features of AI for a number of activities including, recognizing faces to targeting users for advertisements and strengthening their search functionality as well.

Similarly, LinkedIn uses AI for offering just about the right job recommendations, suggesting people whom they’d like to connect, and sending them specific posts for their feed.

Snapchat packs in AI capability of vision for tracking physical features and offering filters that move with them in real-time – all this delivers.

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification Tags

RFID – this technology comprises of a micro chip that can store information about an individual or object. Every chip comes with a unique serial number that binds itself with the information present on the chip.

Let us suppose you are at a football event and you scan your RFID device with an RFID device which has social features integrated into it. By simply bringing your RFID device to the other one, you will be able to Like a football team on Instagram or Facebook or download their videos on your device. This also gives a new meaning to simple activities such as an Instagram profile picture download.

The growing popularity and importance of RFID in the event and e-commerce space (through the mode of NFC) is driving a lot of social networking app companies to integrate RFID into their mobile applications and deliver unique set of experience for their customers.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR and mixed reality are some of the most advanced and fast gaining popularity on social media application features today. There are a number of innovative use cases that social media companies experiment with when integrating AR on to their applications. Vastly deployed by Snapchat, AR-driven filters are used by both individuals and businesses to deliver and push hugely engaging content.


Blockchain is another very important and upcoming technology that is gaining a lot of traction today. There are a number of use cases of social media and blockchain convergence wherein businesses from both sides are maximizing the potential of blockchain usage.

As a use case – the right usage of blockchain can ensure better results for implementation of ADs for any social media.

Internet of Things

The last in our list of social media and technology trends is the Internet of Things. IoT is quite important in terms of creating and maintaining seamless connectivity for various devices and sensor based monitors.

Owing to it growing importance, today, this technology is used and played in real-time action quite extensively for social media monitoring and marketing purposes by some of the big names in the industry such as Disney, and Tencent, etc.

And this is the reason why most of the organizations are always on the lookout for an IoT skilled social media app development company that can deliver innovative solutions around real-time monitoring of data and insights coming in from social media platforms.