How Swisscom’s Managed Security and Backup Services Securing SMEs

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SMEs can protect themselves effectively from data loss and Internet attacks with Managed Security and Managed Backup from Swisscom. Swisscom is now offering an integrated solution for Internet, network and security.

Secure backup in the cloud is also available as a stand-alone service. Comprehensive, professional protection for SMEs with high automation at fixed costs.

Internet threats are very real. Every month, Swisscom blocks around 3,000 phishing pages and 2,200 infected computers. More than two thirds of Swiss SMEs are affected by cyber attacks and 23,000 have already been held to ransom. A simple firewall is no longer enough for protection. With Managed Security from Swisscom, SMEs can now defend themselves effectively against malware and new cyber threats. And all for clearly calculable costs.

The monthly fixed price includes a complete service package. Swisscom monitors its security solution around the clock and deals with any licence management and firmware updates, ensuring no security gaps. “CEOs need to concentrate on their day-to-day business and not have to deal with IT, telephony or security issues,” says Reto Baschera, Head of Business Products at Swisscom. “Our cloud-based products make professional IT solutions affordable for SMEs and relieve them of as many IT tasks as possible.”

The first fully integrated security solution in Switzerland

At the core of Managed Security is a cloud-based next-generation firewall, incorporating a web filter, deep packet inspection and anti-virus functions. The cloud-based firewall offers significant advantages over hardware firewalls (including scalability, high availability and performance). It is produced by renowned security provider Fortinet. At Swisscom, the firewall is fully integrated into the existing Internet and network solution. Reto Baschera: “With Managed Security, we offer comprehensive protection for SMEs – from connectivity to company networks and IT security.” As all the services are cloud based, they can be managed via a central cockpit and are always up to date. This means the IT partner can activate a firewall for an additional location within minutes, for example.

Secure full-service backup in Switzerland

A company’s data is its most valuable asset. With Managed Backup from Swisscom, SMEs can be confident that they always have an up-to-date backup copy of data, servers and mailboxes at their fingertips. This offer is already available as a package with Smart ICT (complete solution for IT outsourcing) and is now also available as a single Managed Service from the Swiss cloud. If company data is not available because it has been deleted, encrypted or stolen, the response has to be fast. Reto Baschera: “Backup is one thing. Restoring the data if there is an emergency is much more difficult and complex. We take the pressure off CEOs by taking care of the entire recovery process – quickly and completely.”

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