How surveillance solutions can help in resuming work post lockdown


With ”Unlock-1” initiated in the country after over 2 months lockdown, businesses are resuming operations. The central government has released additional guidelines for the opening of malls with special emphasis on social distancing and air temperature control.

With social distancing becoming a norm of today, malls and shopping centres are ensuring safety measures for customers and walk-ins as the country prepares to open up.

Lockdown Because of Coronavirus

It is impossible for any human to constantly track all employees at a workplace – even using surveillance cameras with no-blind spots. Thankfully, we have video analytics technology at our disposal today. These solutions will help exercise the necessary supervision over the safety regulations undertaken, and ensure that all precautionary measures are being implemented by the workers.


Oncam is an independent manufacturer specialized in single sensor 360-degree cameras and video surveillance technology. By enabling high-resolution recording of the entire fisheye view, independent of what an operator is doing, images can be processed during playback as if they were live images.

During playback, images can be dewarped and virtual cameras can be generated enabling the viewer to pan, tilt and zoom around the entire scene.

Technology Benefits:

Wider area of coverage with no blind spots;
100% coverage live and on playback;
Camera cannot be left looking in the wrong direction
Minimal maintenance required;
Silent operation

Staqu’s JARVIS – Video Analytics:

A Gurgaon-based startup, Staqu, recently announced an array of offerings to facilitate superior COVID-19 response. The brand is leveraging its proprietary video analytics platform JARVIS to roll out cutting-edge use-cases aimed at identifying, tracing, and curbing the spread of COVID-19 and similar contagion. The video analytics is the only way to monitor all the compliances and guidelines in new normal. The offerings include COVID-19 identification, Suspect Tracing, PPE monitoring, Security, Safety and Hygiene Analytics and People Analytics.

Help in monitoring:

o Social distancing
o Crowd
o Body temperature
o Mask and safety gears
o Contact Tracing
o Washing hands properly.

Vidooly – AI enable surveillance solution –

COVIDSHIELD provides complete contact free surveillance by automatically extracting meaningful actionable information from digital video captured through CCTV cameras based on a rich set of video analytics.

The hybrid solution, which consists of RFID technology, CCTV cameras, thermal scanners, Face ID, movement detector and mechanized doors, creates the perfect preventive solution that ensures contactless monitoring of any violations with an area.