How Smartphones are bringing balance between productivity and fun!


Times are a-changing and we all want to do more, pack in as much in 24 hours, each day. Today’s always-on, 24/7 world means that we need to be connected and be able to work whether we’re in our office, at the local coffeehouse, on the train, or seated at our dining table.

The Microsoft Lumia range of smartphones is directed towards bringing – productivity, creativity and fun all at the fingertips of customers.

Indian users perceive smartphones as enablers of productivity by saving time, enhancing communication and collaboration with colleagues, providing more flexibility and simplifying their lives.

A recent study by Blackberry and GFK revealed that 67 percent of business smartphone users indicated they are always looking to improve their productivity, while 69 percent are constantly looking for new ways to get things done as efficiently as possible.

Mobile devices are the present and the future of all content consumption, and are on a steroid growth. Interestingly, the GFK study also indicates that the smartphones give consumers the flexibility to work when and where they want – enabling work outside the confines of the nine to five workday and the traditional office space and empowering workers to gain control over their own productivity.

Microsoft Devices recognized this trend, and has been working hard to make your life smarter, productive and more importantly fun, with a Lumia smartphone –
• Access, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and OneNote wherever you are! Your Lumia will let you create or edit that important report, or your sales pitch presentation or help you with the number crunching, all with the MS Office built in to the smartphones – available at the touch of a finger.
• Connect with work and personal e-mail while on the go, with Microsoft Outlook built-in.
• Always be in the game with Xbox on your Lumia phones. Your Lumia lets you connect and play with friends wherever you are! Using your Xbox Live avatar and gamer profile on your Lumia, you can keep track of scores and wins. You can enjoy an endless stream of games using your Microsoft phone.