How Slow Internet Speed Can Hurt Your Business?


With the advancement of technology, the internet has become indispensable for the growth of any business. Even a slight disconnection from the internet because of any reason can result in serious business loss. Just like that, even having a slow internet connection can have a dramatic impact on your business which can result in business ineffectiveness and loss. Here is how having a slow internet connection can harm your business. 

1. It reduces the productivity level

The business productivity decreases with a slow internet connection. The majority of the task of the business world is currently driven through the internet. For instance, many businesses rely on a cloud solution for easy collaboration within the team. Having a slow internet speed increases the time taken to upload and download content. With a slow internet connection, a loss of business hours is lost. For instance, uploading a Delhivery shipment might take 2-5 minutes with a slow internet connection and it should be something that should be completed within a few seconds. A slow internet connection converts even simple tasks into tedious jobs. 

2. Deadlines fly through the window 

Every task needs a commitment and it usually accompanies the commitment to deliver a task within a proper time. Having a slow internet connection results in missing deadlines sooner or later. This further gives an impression that the business is unstable which is a picture that no one wants to really portray. Getting jobs done, even if it requires a high internet speed is something that is respected in the business world. 

3. Communication issues will take place

During the pandemic, many employees have started working remotely. With remote work, comes the need to engage in video conferencing often. This is also true when you need to connect with other business colleagues and clients who are not available in the same geographic location. With a slow internet connection, communication becomes a challenge. Having a good internet connection ensures that you are able to have a flawless discussion regarding the growth of the business and other important matters. It further helps to provide good customer service too. For instance, if your business requires you to ship products using logistic services like GATI and you receive a complaint saying that the shipment has not arrived in the projected time. Imagine the horror if the customer calling to complain is on call and you are not able to check the shipment status due to a slow internet connection. 

4. Apps work slower 

Many businesses are dependent on services like G Suite and Office 365, which requires one to move in and out of the cloud. Other cloud-based apps like Asana are there to make collaboration within the team smooth. However, nothing goes according to the plan if you are operating these tools over a slow internet connection. 

5. It can result in a tremendous slow speed for everyone

If you are using a slow internet connection for managing your business with multiple employees, the issue becomes more serious. It is because the bandwidth is further split amongst all the employees. This means that even if the internet speed is considerable, it will reduce to a slow internet speed due to the bandwidth sharing. 

All these issues ultimately result in revenue loss and hamper business growth. With a slow internet speed, business growth also slows down. As mentioned above, reduced team productivity, missing deadlines and lags in communication and poor customer service, everything impacts the business in a negative way. 

Therefore, it becomes important to invest in a good internet speed. If you have not taken a good internet plan, consider taking it. However, if you already have a good internet plan and are still facing the issue of having a slow internet connection, check whether your router is suitable or not for running at a good internet speed. Also, the placement of the Wi-Fi also plays a critical role in the internet speed. Ensure that the Wi-Fi router is placed in a position where it faces minimum obstacles. Sometimes, one can experience a slow internet connection because too many programs are running in the background consumes a considerable amount of bandwidth. You might also prioritize the tasks that require good bandwidth to ensure that they are prioritized by the router. It is recommended to check the internet speed online, various websites offer this service for free and then take the necessary actions for upgrading into a fast internet speed.

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